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How a Socialist Latinx Millennial Beat a Wall Street Favorite

28 Juin 2018

But Ocasio-Cortez is much further to the left of Crowley, so Trump's claim was ignorant at best. Her win is probably the year's biggest United States election upset.

He said reporter asked Ocasio-Cortez how she planned to fund the socialist doctrine she supports, adding that the candidate "blabbed for a solid two minutes because she didn't have an answer".

Another young, insurgent candidate waged a less flashy campaign than either Patel or Ocasio-Cortez, but still made waves in his district.

The email address you have provided is already registered. It sounded like a insane idea, but she said yes because Crowley hadn't faced a primary opponent in 14 years.

Elmore was first introduced to "Sandy", by a friend who said, "She's the smartest person I know". Crowley, whose district includes parts of the Bronx and Queens, has been in Congress since 1999 and had not seen opposition in a primary in 14 years.

Less certain is whether Ocasio-Cortez's win means mainstream Democrats across the US-including NY governor Andrew Cuomo, who harbors presidential ambitions and faces a September primary against the progressive Cynthia Nixon (paywall)-are vulnerable to challenges from the left.

If she wins the general election in the fall - a strong possibility in a district where Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than 6 to 1 - Ocasio-Cortez would be the youngest member of Congress and one of its most left-leaning. "There's a radical empathy that she has with people".

At BU, Ocasio-Cortez was president of Alianza Latina, BU's largest Latin American student organization. Running on their own, they might never stand a chance. "She is fighting for the working class".

President Donald Trump also commented on Mr Crowley's defeat to Ms Ocasio-Cortez, "Wow!"

"So many people would talk about Sandy and how great she was", she said. Like, people usually avoid apartment buildings, but her staff was actually climbing stairs to knock on multiple doors instead of waiting for the elevator. Day observance in 2011.

Ocasio-Cortez had no wealth, no influence, and no power behind her.

She has a degree in economics and worldwide relations from Boston University, but after graduation worked as a waitress and bartender to supplement her mother's income as a house cleaner and bus driver, according to a profile in The Intercept. "The first step is a choice". It means that the nation sees all these privileged candidates and rightly concludes that the Democratic Party has lost touch with the common working man and woman. "I don't think that we should respond by actively harming and potentially putting people's lives in danger".

Ocasio-Cortez graduated cum laude in 2011, studying economics and global relations. She's Puerto Rican American.

"I have to do it quietly because of who I am and because the press will go wild", he said, possibly overstating his influence on the media.

"This is about weaving in an intersectional message of an economic and social agenda that is going to ensure that families are safe, and also can prosper economically, not just in the years to come but for future generations", she said. She also worked for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

"We have had our country on autopilot and we've been accepting what's been happening", she told Refinery29 "And what's happening in this country is indicative that we need new leadership". "She is rising at the ideal time".

"She has been thinking about politics since she was a teenager". "That fact that in a very progressive district in NY went the left than Joe Crowley is about that district".

How a Socialist Latinx Millennial Beat a Wall Street Favorite