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Paul George opts out of contract, becomes unrestricted free agent

30 Juin 2018

San Antonio has had hopes of repairing its tattered relationship with Leonard and ultimately getting to a comfort level with offering the $219 million super maximum contract extension.

The Los Angeles Lakers will be an attractive destination for players if they can sign LeBron James.

According to multiple reports, Leonard could be traded sooner rather than later with multiple suitors in hand.

If the answer to that question is an actual 100% chance Leonard leaves following the 2018-19.

The Lakers will be appealing, particularly if they're in win-now mode, since players will be able to showcase their game on a big stage.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich likely wants nothing to do with LaVar Ball and has spoken out about his involvement with Lonzo's career. Whether or not they play out is one thing, but to say players don't at least engage each other on the subject is another. That decision could be coming quicker than expected, with James having taken some interesting steps in preparation for the announcement.

George, a native of Southern California, and LeBron James are the focus of the Lakers free agent recruiting efforts. The Los Angeles Lakers will receive serious consideration too, sources said.

The stakes are much higher for the Lakers as LeBron and Kawhi are also up-for-grab this off-season - the former through free-agency, the latter via trade.

For the first time in ages, Sixers fans can feel proud of the team's progress during the National Basketball Association offseason.

In social media fashion, National Basketball Association and Spurs fans alike responded to the birthday wish with mostly savage replies. Throw Hart in there.

Kawhi is possibly the ticket to bringing in LeBron.

Just after noon on Thursday, the betting odds swung drastically in favor of the Lakers, with Los Angeles emerging as a -300 favorite to land James. The Lakers may have to convince the stubborn Spurs to part ways with Kawhi quickly by making a substantial offer that may make Lakers fans feel uneasy. The fact that not many teams have cap room could lead to some interesting contracts this summer.

Paul George opts out of contract, becomes unrestricted free agent