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Justice Kennedy's retirement jolts midterm elections

01 Juillet 2018

McCaskill's likely GOP opponent, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, signaled Wednesday that he intends to make the issue his new focus in the campaign. That case was recently reversed at the Supreme Court in a 5-4 opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts. The University of MI graduate was originally nominated to his current job by Bush in 2006, but due to opposition from Michigan's two Democratic senators, he was not confirmed until a compromise deal was reached two years later.

Without Justice Kennedy on the bench, the high court could move to the right on major social issues including abortion and gay rights.

After months of sparse activity in PredictIt's "Who will be Trump's next Supreme Court nominee?" contracts, trading was brisk following Kennedy's retirement announcement.

Abortion is likely to be one of the flash points in the nomination fight.

The president told reporters Wednesday that the process to nominate a new justice will "begin immediately".

While the eight-justice situation that lasted for more than a year produced a number of divided decisions, now there are no more argument sessions scheduled before the court until October 1.

Electoral considerations could also apply pressure on some centrist Democrats to vote for whomever Trump decides to nominate.

Larsen, who serves as a Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, is a former justice of the Michigan Supreme Court. "I look forward to voting to confirm a faithful constitutionalist onto the court", Young said.

When will Kennedy actually leave the court?

The Senate Judiciary Committee conducts confirmation hearings for nominees to the Supreme Court.

"Historically, they've expressed the view that immigration touches on national sovereignty and foreign relations and they don't want to step on that, and this decision today is just the latest example of that deference".

Fellow Texas Republican Sen.

He called Kennedy a "spectacular man" with "tremendous heart" and said he hoped to pick somebody who will be as "outstanding" as Kennedy has been.

At the White House, the president said his search for a U.S. Supreme Court nominee will "begin immediately" and he intends to select his pick from a list of over 20 candidates the White House released past year. If so, he or she will provide a fifth vote for the court's conservatives rather than its liberals - and over time reshape the USA legal landscape.

CBS News' Jan Crawford noted that Kennedy had been saying privately he would retire, so this was not a big surprise.

Hawley challenged McCaskill to a debate about the Supreme Court Thursday.

"It will make even more compelling the Republican argument that they have delivered on their promises and future control of the Senate is critical to accomplish conservative goals", he said.

And Trump was clear in his comments after the Kennedy bombshell that he would be picking a name from the list he released in fall 2016. "I think you see the kind of quality that we're looking at when we look at that list".

"Senator McConnell set the new standard by giving the American people their say in the upcoming election before Court vacancies are filled". If the Senate divides 50-50, Vice President Mike Pence could break a tie to confirm the nominee.

And he's not the only one. Sen.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked President Barack Obama from filling the vacancy created by Justice Antonin Scalia's 2016 death.

Schumer also suggested following the McConnell model and waiting until after voters have had their say in the midterm elections. "That was a different was close to a presidential election. but this is not close (to a presidential election)".

Justice Kennedy's retirement jolts midterm elections