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These Democrats want to abolish ICE

05 Juillet 2018

Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) have all called for the abolition of ICE after socialist congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won a surprise victory in the primary for New York's 14th District with the policy at the heart of her campaign. His detention and possible deportation certainly won't make me, or anyone else, any safer. Kirsten Gillibrand and Massachusetts Sen. In recent weeks, more politicians have endorsed a frequent rally change to "Abolish ICE".

But replace it with what? Democrats are protesting the wrong group and they don't care.

Just ask the Republicans. That appears to be true, but the more surprising revelation is that they're as out of touch with their own base.

The agency also houses a Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) unit which targets major border-related crimes such as the trafficking of drugs, weapons and human beings, as well as a much smaller legal services department. Jacky strongly believes we need comprehensive immigration reform that improves border security in smart ways, grows Nevada's economy, and provides a path to full and equal citizenship. "We just weren't clever about it".

It was unclear which towns Trump was referring to, and neither the White House nor ICE immediately responded to requests for clarification Saturday. "Commerce, Education and the. what's the third one there?"

Interested in Donald Trump?

A new "zero tolerance" policy for people who enter the country illegally led to the separation of thousands of migrant children from their parents at the southwest border.

The first positive word, "necessary", was the 19th most-often term used regarding the policy, which drew condemnation from both Republicans and Democrats. That's when ICE was created.

June will see the end of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Tom Homan's brief but controversial tenure heading the agency. You'd think that the agents would be protective of their jobs, but over 19 of them signed onto a letter sent to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to eliminate or at least reorganize ICE. Detention and deportation, which grew sharply under President Barack Obama, have also become more common since ICE's creation.

News reports say the Trump administration has made little progress so far in carrying out the order, with most of the parents detained in southwestern states along the border and the children dispersed to shelters in far-flung states.

The senator later fired back at the tweet, distinguishing her history of persecuting "gangs and transnational criminal organizations" as former Attorney General of California from ICE's history of separating migrant families.

Not just swing voters, but Democrats who don't live in NY and California certainly share numerous same concerns as Republicans in border states like Texas.

There has to be accountability for all law enforcement, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The problem with this new demand by the Democrats is that ICE has nothing to do with controlling the borders.

These Democrats want to abolish ICE