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Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns

09 Juillet 2018

The British Prime Minister Theresa May asserted her personal authority on Friday by persuading her entire 29-strong cabinet to agree to a relatively soft Brexit after a marathon session at Chequers, her country residence in Buckinghamshire.

Mr Davis had come close to resigning before, but Mrs May must have hoped the danger of Cabinet resignations had passed after Friday's deal at her official country retreat.

His resignation seemed to spur others to follow suit, with a source saying that a junior minister in the same department had also quit, just two days after May had held a crisis meeting with ministers to overcome the deep divisions over Brexit.

They feel Britain should have a clean break from the bloc and be liberated to pursue new trade deals with other countries, as well as to make its own laws, free from European influence.

LONDON - Pro-Brexit Conservative MPs have put together an 18-page critique of Theresa May's Brexit plan, in which the prime minister's proposal for a soft exit is described as a "worst of all words "Black Hole Brexit".

The Prime Minister's inner circle is trying to secure support for the proposals to create a new UK-EU free trade area for goods, with a "common rulebook".

Brexit-backing lawmakers have been angered by May's plans, saying they will keep Britain too close to the European Union and limit its ability to strike new trade deals.

The signs of progress after months of standstill were broadly welcomed by business groups, with the deadline for gaining a deal with the European Union rapidly approaching. The EU has warned Britain that time is running out to seal a divorce deal.

Conservative MP for Hazel Grove William Wragg, added: "I've reserved judgement on the Chequers' Brexit plan, but I have grave misgivings about it and understand entirely why David Davis has found it necessary to resign".

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson backed the proposals at Chequers, despite claiming that defending the plans was like "polishing a turd" during the meeting.

In a statement released late in the evening, she said the 26 cabinet members in attendance reached a "collective" agreement that would see the United Kingdom agree to negotiate a "common rulebook for all goods" in a combined customs territory.

Shadow global trade secretary Barry Gardiner: "There is a danger that this is a lowest common denominator plan that has really been constructed to hold the Cabinet together rather than to secure the strong negotiating position that we need with the European Union, that will create jobs, that will create growth in our economy".

"It raises the most serious questions about the Prime Minister's ideas".

In his resignation letter, Davis picks apart May's approach to negotiating Brexit, saying that he was a "reluctant conscript" in implementing it rather than "an enthusiastic believer".

However, Tory Brexiteers voiced concern at the agreement with the chairman of the campaign group "Leave Means Leave" accusing May of personally deceiving Brexit campaigners.

A separate online poll of Tory members by the Conservative Home website revealed widespread unhappiness with the Chequers plan amongst the party faithful.

Opposition Labour Party Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer said May's proposal had "fudge written all over it".

"The EU has always said that once Britain softens its red lines. that they would also show some generosity and flexibility but I think there will be limitations to that flexibility".

Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns