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Thai Cave Rescue: Divers Make Final Push to Save Remaining Boys, Coach

10 Juillet 2018

As dusk falls four more boys are rescued. On Monday, four more were rushed to a hospital.

It ended with their fighting cheer, adopted from the US Navy: "Hooyah!"But bringing out the remaining four boys and their coach could take more than one operation, Narongsak warned". Monsoon flooding blocked off their escape and prevented rescuers from finding them for nearly 10 days. They found themselves stranded on a dark shelf above the flood waters.

Nargonsak said this phase may take longer than the previous two rescue missions. The rescue effort is slowed somewhat by the fact that the team must replenish supplies and oxygen tanks that line the 2.5-mile route out of the cave.

Heavy rain started falling as soon as the four were removed from the cave.

Narongsak would not identify the rescued boys. Those evacuated so far have been taken to hospital in Chiang Rai for treatment and observation. It is rainy season in Thailand at the moment, with torrential downpours that appear out of nowhere dominating the weather patterns. Today, you get some good rest.

Operations to pump water out of the cave went on despite heavy rain showers on Sunday and Monday.

Earlier, Mr Musk said he would leave the device at the cave "in case it may be useful in future".

With oxygen levels in their chamber falling to unsafe levels and complete flooding of the cave system possible, rescuers pushed ahead with the least-worst option of having divers escort them out through the extremely narrow and water-filled tunnels.

Torrential rain had not affected conditions for the rescue operation. A local government official confirmed the rescue while a police source, who also did not want to be named, said "the ninth and tenth were about 20 minutes apart". "We can see that everything is okay as they're eating well", said Thongchai Lertwilairattanapong, Inspector General of the Public Health Ministry.

"It's stronger now. Every step of the extraction is risky", said Narongsuk Keasub, a diver for the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand.

Musk said in a tweet that he expected the mini sub would arrive in Thailand by sometime Monday evening, local time. It takes several hours.

"The first day we spent 11 hours, yesterday we spent nine hours, we hope we can do it [today] quicker or at least as quick as yesterday".

They are still being quarantined from their parents because of the risk of infection and would likely be kept in hospital for a week to undergo tests, officials said.

Four of them were rescued from the flooded Tham Luang cave on Sunday and the other four on Monday.

"Although his technology is good and sophisticated, it's not practical for this mission", Osatanakorn said after the press conference.

A break in the rain allows divers to reach further inside the cave but they are still a long distance from where the boys are believed to be.

How will the kids' mental health be effected?

Adesman said that PTSD is an issue for protracted trauma, and he's optimistic the worst is behind the boys trapped in the cave.

"Now they have no fever and can do their normal activities", Chokedamrongsuk said. All those extracted reportedly showed signs of infection.

Thai Cave Rescue: Divers Make Final Push to Save Remaining Boys, Coach