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May presses on with Brexit plan after high-profile resignations

11 Juillet 2018

Both fiercely criticized her negotiating stance. "But remember, what are the options in front of us?"

Will Theresa May's name be added to this distinguished list?

Theresa May is having a tough time holding her government together.

At a meeting with her Conservative Party lawmakers on Monday (9 July), she was cheered and applauded by many as she warned them that internal squabbling could pave the way for socialist opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to take power instead.

The resignation comes less than a day after Brexit Secretary David Davis and his junior minister Steve Baker stepped down.

After the pro-Brexit politician was the star of the successful Leave campaign, it was expected he would make a bid at becoming prime minister when a humiliated David Cameron stood down.

Two Brexit disruptors, two very different resignations.

Appearing in the House of Commons just minutes later, a confident-sounding May defended her Brexit plan.

Still, he laid out his principled rationale as the lead cabinet officer in charge of selling a plan in which he did not believe.

The comments will pile further pressure on Downing Street as May prepares to meet the United States president for his first visit to Britain, in a week when Johnson quit the government in protest at her Brexit strategy, along with the Brexit secretary, David Davis. Theresa May's song, unfortunately, stuck in his throat.

Although it has caused a headache, May was quick to capitalize on the fact that two of her biggest problems extricated themselves from her inner circle; she ceremoniously replaced Davis and Johnson with more amiable substitutes.

Is this the end to the cabinet resignations? The British leader may have quelled talk of a leadership challenge, but some Conservative Brexit supporters are still incensed over what they see as her breach of a promise of a clean break with the EU.

Johnson, a polarising figure and a former mayor of London, was a leading spokesperson for the campaign calling for Britain's departure from the European Union in advance of a June 2016 referendum. Others have voiced their support for May's premiership and against a future Labour prime minister.

"There is a whole range of scenarios in which they get no Brexit, or an indefinitely delayed Brexit, or a change of government or a second referendum".

"It is as though we are sending our vanguard into battle with the white flags fluttering above them", Johnson wrote in a letter that underscored his credentials as a champion of full-speed Brexit.

How will this impact Trump's visit?

When asked about a possible challenge to her leadership on Monday, she simply replied: "Nice try, but I'm getting on with the job of delivering what the British people want", Reuters reported.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper ran a photograph on Tuesday of him, pen poised, resigning as foreign minister.

That makes negotiating a deal with the European Union very hard: The bloc has said that Britain can't pick and choose the "four freedoms" (free movement of goods, capital, services, and people) and have an "a la carte" Brexit.

Speaking to BBC radio yesterday, he said he hoped Britain would "resist very strongly any attempt to get any further concessions". As I said then, the government now has a song to sing.

May presses on with Brexit plan after high-profile resignations