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‘Germany Is Totally Controlled by Russia’

12 Juillet 2018

Baltic leaders, fearful of any repeat of Russia's annexation of Crimea, called for unity, while Slovak President Andre Kiska said his country was "one of the good guys" because it was increasing defence spending.

"Germany is totally controlled by Russian Federation because they will be getting 60-70 percent of their energy from Russian Federation and a new pipeline". The US has been lobbying EU countries to reject the pipeline for years, arguing that it is a threat to the European Union's energy security.

He then set the tone for the day with a blistering attack on key ally Germany at a breakfast meeting with Nato's Stoltenberg. "We're protecting everybody. this has been going on for decades", Trump said.

"They will spend more", he later predicted. They've made tremendous - you've had tremendous success and I congratulate you.

And with that, he went on to push allies at the summit to double their commitment on defence spending.

The organization is asking all member states spend a minimum 2 percent of their GDP on defensive measures by 2024. It has the effect of further splintering the alliance-a major Putin goal-heading into Trump's meeting with the Russian president early next week. And he called alliance members "delinquent" on their contributions to NATO's budget.

As Utah's member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and as a member of the Europe and Eurasia Subcommittee, I am hopeful to see a few things happen during President Trump's historic visit to Europe. Germans wouldn't agree with that.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, which intentionally skirts Eastern European nations like Poland and Ukraine, has caused many of Germany's allies to bristle, though Berlin has defended it by saying it would be merely one of many sources of natural gas. Because of that we can say that we can make our independent policies and make independent decisions.

Trump started the day bashing Germany, which he said is, "totally controlled by Russian Federation". The gas pipeline from Russian Federation to Germany is one issue where allies disagree.

The exchange was part of an uncomfortable day as anxious Western allies were subjected to the US president's "America first" approach.

Her remarks will be interpreted as an attempt to head off the hard issue ahead of Trump's first official visit to the United Kingdom, which now has 800 armed forces personnel in Estonia and 15o in Poland to help protect Europe's eastern border.

"It is good that we are independent".

Asked about what kind of projects the ACCC had found that were struggling to get finance, Mr Sims said they had all been gas or renewables "firmed up" by pumped hydro or batteries.

"And, indeed, we had an opportunity to have an exchange about economic developments, on issues such as migration, and also the future of our trade relations", she said.

The president also met with French President Emmanuel Macron Wednesday in Brussels.

Nato's secretary-general said the primary focus should be on all members reaching the current target of 2%.

The embarrassment for Berlin and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is that Germany is happy to help Vladimir Putin execute this plan.

‘Germany Is Totally Controlled by Russia’