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Fox's Sean Hannity praises Trump as "very strong" at Putin presser

17 Juillet 2018

Donald Trump has sided with Vladimir Putin against his own intelligence agencies by denying Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 United States presidential election.

If anyone is "the enemy of the people", it is Trump himself. Sweaty from an extended wait in a hot, sunny courtyard, journalists were brought back in for what turned out to truly just be a glimpse of the next phase of the day - they were sent back out after roughly one minute in the room.

Senator John McCain called it, "one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory", while Senator Ben Sasse called it "bizarre".

Browder also tweeted that Interpol had intervened and told the police "not to honor the new Russian Interpol Red Notice", referring to the worldwide police group's list of wanted people.

The summit started late because Putin arrived in Helsinki about a half hour behind schedule in another display of the Russian's leader famous lack of punctuality.

Think of how extraordinary - how unprecedented - that moment was. Questions from two American journalists drew sharp responses from both presidents. "President Trump's failure to stand up to the Kremlin has given it carte blanche to interfere in our upcoming elections, and that should frighten us all", he said.

But the top Democrat in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, tweeted that many Americans can only wonder if "the only possible explanation for this risky behaviour is the possibility that President Putin holds damaging information over President Trump".

Senior Republican and Democratic politicians have strongly criticised Mr Trump's defence of Russian Federation in Helsinki.

Putin declined but, according to the Post, he did send "a "friendly" letter and a gift of a Russian lacquered box" to Trump.

Trump's 2013 trip to Moscow is only the tip of a Titanic-size iceberg.

Trump thereby repudiated the records and agendas of the neocons and their liberal interventionist allies, as well as the archipelago of War Party think tanks beavering away inside the Beltway.

The tabloid Moskovsky Komsomolets claimed that "a quiet, modest Trump had paled in comparison with Vladimir Putin".

The speculation, while hardly conclusive, is entirely reasonable.

"I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today".

As the newspaper notes in its press release, both Trump and Putin have had "contentious" relationships with the media.

Every week lends further credence to that disturbing hypothesis.

Mr Trump said last week that he planned to again raise the meddling issue with Mr Putin, but questions have been swirling about whether Mr Trump will sharply and publicly rebuke his Russian counterpart for the interference that prompted a special investigation probe that Mr Trump has repeatedly labelled a "witch hunt". Standing alongside Trump in Helsinki, Putin said he had evidence that $400 million dollars in unlawfully acquired cash may have been funneled to the election campaign of Trump's defeated opponent Hillary Clinton. They've not exactly been his biggest fans historically.

Republican senator Lindsey Graham, who regularly plays golf with the President, said the meeting was a "missed opportunity" by Trump to hold Russian Federation accountable for the 2016 meddling "and deliver a strong warning regarding future elections". "I did it. You got me, '" said Trump, invoking a television detective.

"My assessment has not changed; Russian Federation attempted to interfere in the 2016 US election and is no friend of the United States".

Mr Putin added that other issues that Russian Federation would like to discuss in the arms control sphere are the U.S. missile defence plans and the weaponisation of space.

He also said the two countries should be "very careful" on nuclear weapons.

We are past the point where Trump's conduct can be ascribed to his general sympathy for dictators.

"The Russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere into internal American affairs including election process", Putin said. But Trump just can not bring himself to do it.

What's the worst Putin could have done, glare at him? Either way, he gives every impression of betraying his oath of office.

Fox News host Abby Huntsman, the daughter of the current United States ambassador to Russian Federation, said: "No negotiation is worth throwing your own people and country under the bus".

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi was quick to condemn Trump's performance in Helsinki, tweeting: "Just several days ago, 12 Russians were indicted for attacking our democracy".

So what does that make his boss?

Coat's predecessor, James Clapper, called Trump's acquiescence to Putin "an incredible capitulation", while former Central Intelligence Agency chief John Brennan labelled it "nothing short of treasonous".

That conclusion was once unthinkable.

Fox's Sean Hannity praises Trump as