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Prime Day 2018 outage is a huge, expensive headache for Amazon

17 Juillet 2018

Monday will be the biggest opportunity yet for Amazon to lock more Whole Foods shoppers into Prime members. Will the Prime Day Nintendo Switch deal include a free game or an accessory?

IT'S LONGER: After extending the daylong event to 30 hours in 2017, this year's Prime Day will be 36 hours long, starting at 3 p.m. ET Monday.

This week's strikes have also inspired widespread calls on social media platforms for shopper boycotts.

Even Amazon Prime's video service spent the day stuttering. The first step to take advantage of the special deals is to become an Amazon Prime member. You can find deals on TVs, computers, earphones and so much more at these retailers. Hopefully we can make sure that everyone gets what they're after by working together! Adobe said other major retailers saw sales jump 35 percent on Prime Day a year ago. Amazon's rising share price added around $50bn to Bezos' worth over the a year ago and he's now worth more than Bill Gates was at the peak of his wealth in 1999, which would be around $149bn in inflation-adjusted dollars. This leaves other retailers in the unenviable position of having to offer deep discounts themselves, or their own "Black Friday in July" events, as we've seen from companies like Macy's (M), Target (TGT), and Best Buy (BBY), among others this summer.

BACK TO SCHOOL: The company is making a big push in school supplies for Prime Day.

"Amazon is a massive behemoth - it will take more than a strike in Spain to rattle its cage", said Peter Horst, founder of marketing consulting firm CMO.

Since there are around 100 million Amazon Prime members at this point and you are on a tech site like Droid Life, I'd imagine that most of you are already members. Yes, it's officially the day where Amazon rewards those who have a Prime subscription with fantastic deals all day.

Customers who aren't interested in signing up for the $119 annual Prime membership, or who are frustrated with the site's initial technical problems, can check out other retailers.

Prime Day 2018 outage is a huge, expensive headache for Amazon