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Trudeau blasts Putin, Russia following Finland summit but stays mum on Trump

17 Juillet 2018

"U.S. interests must come before our preferred political outcome on Ukraine and Crimea, and we gain little by pressing Russian Federation to meet our preferences on a matter they are clearly not going to give in on", Davis said.

In Helsinki, Putin was asked if he favored Trump in the 2016 presidential election. It's clear that Putin outmanoeuvred the USA president. Asked if Putin was an adversary, he said: "Actually I called him a competitor and a good competitor he is and I think the word competitor is a compliment".

And Trump maintained opposition to the Nord Stream 2 natural-gas pipeline, which will be increasing Russian energy exports to Germany.

Democrats were even harsher than Republicans in denouncing Trump for what they said amounted to the betrayal of the historic US role in world affairs and even "treasonous" behavior with Putin that some said could amount to impeachable offenses.

Russia's Vladimir Putin said Monday he did want Donald Trump to win the 2016 US presidential election but took no action during the campaign to make it happen.

Putin aides have voiced frustration too that their attempts to fix U.S-Russia relations were being blocked by Trump's opponents in the United States.

"Putin gets to look like the urbane grown-up, and presents Russian Federation as peer power to USA", Galeotti wrote on Twitter.

Kinzinger, an Air Force veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, said he stands by the intelligence community's assessment that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 presidential election. Because outmanoeuvring Trump does not mean he outmanoeuvred the USA political class. The Kremlin, in the run-up to the summit, had played down expectations of major progress.

In a series of tweets, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said Mr Trump's actions had "strengthened our adversaries while weakening our defences and those of our allies". "The relationship has been reset without the Russians having to change anything", the paper said in an editorial. Few have gone public with their thoughts, preferring to stay out of the furious fight between the USA president and his critics in the US over the summit. Kimmel ended by saying Monday's summit was a "total win for Putin and a shameful day for America".

Meanwhile, Vice-President Mike Pence, in a speech at the US Department of Commerce, defended the summit and praised President Trump. "I beat Hillary Clinton easily and, frankly, we beat her and I'm not even saying from the standpoint, we won that race", he continued.

"So let me just say that we have two thoughts. We haven't seen an American so owned by a Russian since Rocky IV". Bolton told ABC News that the indictment strengthened Trump's hand before his meeting with Putin.

William Courtney, a former US ambassador and now a senior fellow of RAND Corporations, noted that the two sides have not issued any joint statement concerning major disputable issues in U.S. "The first clear outcome can only be that we need to align ourselves even more closely in Europe". "There is no moral equivalence between the United States and Russian Federation, which remains hostile to our most basic values and ideals", Ryan said.

His remarks, siding with a foe on foreign soil over his own government, was a stark illustration of Trump's willingness to upend decades of US foreign policy and rattle Western allies in service of his political concerns.

Noah: "The most embarrassing performance by an American president".

"Who do you believe?"

Still, Trump considered the summit a bigly success, saying, "Well, I think we're doing really well with Russian Federation as of today". "It isn't personal; it is business, I was told by a White House aide", a European minister told VOA.

FILE - U.S. Secretary for Defense Jim Mattis addresses a round-table meeting in Brussels, June 8, 2018.

In the press conference, Putin seemed to have offered to extend the New START treaty, which limits long-range nuclear arms, but Trump has been noncommittal.

Earlier, Trump took to Twitter to blame America for deteriorating relations between Russia and the U.S. - a sentiment the Russian foreign minister quickly approved of, tweeting, "We agree".

Trudeau blasts Putin, Russia following Finland summit but stays mum on Trump