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Trump claims he 'misspoke' on Russia meddling

19 Juillet 2018

The US president said Monday that he believed that Russian Federation did not intervene in the 2016 election.

But a handful of Trump loyalists remain in the president's camp.

Putin stated his public denial on Monday, but he also admitted for the first time that he did want Trump to win the election.

The president now says he accepts that meddling did happen, but insists it did not intefere with the result of the election which saw him become president.

"He has to reverse course immediately and he's gotta get out there as soon as possible before the concrete starts to set on this", former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said on CNN.

In an interview set to be broadcast Wednesday evening, the United States president told Jeff Glor of CBS News that he holds Putin responsible "because he's in charge of the country, just like I consider myself to be responsible for things that happen in this country".

Former House Speaker and longtime Trump ally Newt Gingrich put it bluntly.

Even one of Mr Trump's most loyal Republican supporters, Newt Gingrich, said the comments were the "most serious mistake of his presidency".

During the press conference, Putin denied Russia had meddled in the USA election, but admitted: "I wanted him to win because he talked about normalising Russian-American relations". After failing to strongly denounce hate groups in his initial reaction, Trump then gave a prepared statement - only later to make off-the-cuff comments blaming "both sides" for the deadly violence, and suggesting protesters came gunning for a fight.

Donald Trump has distanced himself from his comments that saw him siding with Russian Federation over his own intelligence agencies after a furious backlash. But when Trump's answer on Wednesday immediately spawned a new round of news reports suggesting a president at odds with his intelligence advisers, and partial to Russian Federation, the White House was forced to restart damage control efforts that began after his widely panned performance in Helsinki.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell moved to reassure European allies

Mr. Brennan said it would be "unbelievable" if Russian Federation did not keep a single recording of Mr. Trump's private statements, but he wasn't sure the USA did.

Trump did not go into detail in a series of tweets, but he wrote: "Russia has agreed to help with North Korea, where relationships with us are very good and the process is moving along". Democrat Eric Swalwell, the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, said it is premature to be discussing impeachment charges against Trump, saying they should only move forward if they have "impenetrable evidence" against the president.

But the investigation is progressing, as evidenced by the indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence agents on July 13 - timing that was embarrassing ahead of the summit with Mr. Putin.

The latest episode threatened to undo Trump's already tepid efforts to tamp down the bipartisan furore over his performance in Helsinki.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul emerged as one of the president's few defenders.

Mr Trump also adopted a term some of his defenders and conservative media have applied to his critics, saying in a tweet that "it's called Trump Derangement Syndrome!" "Thank you @RandPaul, you really get it!"

House and Senate Republicans on Capitol Hill were also critical of Trump's comments, but refused to condemn Trump himself.

Mr Trump said that the interference had had no impact on the election, in which he defeated Hillary Clinton. "Vladimir Putin does not share our interests, Vladimir Putin does not share our values".

us intelligence officials have said Russia's efforts to undermine elections are continuing and now target the November 6 congressional elections. But Trump made clear he feels that any acknowledgement of Russia's election involvement would undermine the legitimacy of his election.

Trump claims he 'misspoke' on Russia meddling