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Now search for 'Idiot' on Google images and encounter photos of Trump

23 Juillet 2018

Previous year it was reported that Google is said to be working on a new OS called Fuchsia.

By helping prioritise information presented in search results, Google's algorithms have played stellar role in the rise of the company, but at times they have also played the spoilsport. In another ongoing case regarding website advertising, the Commission's preliminary conclusion that Google has abused its dominant position. In fact, not even the direction the OS is supposed.

While Android operating system software is free, European Union authorities claim Google uses its leverage to get mobile device makers to install its other mobile apps like YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Maps and Translate to cement its dominant position.

While it's still early to speculate on what Fuchsia could end up as eventually, there are rumors that Google could slowly integrate parts of Fuchsia OS with Android over the next few years, and gradually shift its Android user base to Fuchsia. It also treats app developers well.

This all drove down prices and made smart mobile computing available to the masses.

The EU said the practice restricts competition and reduces choices for consumers. Indeed, no less a trusted resource than the American Library Association states, "The right to privacy-the right to read, consider, and develop ideas and beliefs free from observation or unwanted surveillance by the government or others-is the bedrock foundation for intellectual freedom".

Android software acts as the brains for mobile devices, coordinating tasks from phone calls and map directions to games, Twitter posts, or online searches.

"So far, the Android business model has meant that we haven't had to charge phone makers for our technology, or depend on a tightly controlled distribution model".

"To be successful, open-source platforms have to painstakingly balance the needs of everyone that uses them". If anything, the EC forcing Google to abandon mandatory installation of its proprietary applications opens the door up for much more vibrant competition, which in itself should spark innovation in the long-term provided that rivals manage to entice manufacturers enough to be chosen over Google's offerings.

In fact, Google itself got a taste of European Union antitrust regulation as recently as previous year. "We intend to appeal", he said. Well, The giant search engine Google Images sure thinks so.

Now search for 'Idiot' on Google images and encounter photos of Trump