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Lunar Eclipse 2018: How to watch the Blood Moon eclipse today?

27 Juillet 2018

The Moon goes reddish in colour during the total lunar eclipse as it fails to receive any of the direct sunlight and hence reflects the colours thrown out by the Earth's atmosphere.

The Eclipse is expected to reach its peak around 9:21pm and wane from then until the eclipse ends around 12:30am of the 28th of July 2018.

Skywatchers around much of the world are looking forward to a complete lunar eclipse that will be the longest this century.

Although it is expected to last 103 minutes, those in the United Kingdom and Ireland will not be able to see the start of the lunar eclipse as the moon will still be below the horizon. In India, Chandra Grahan will be visible from cities including Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru and Mumbai among others. However, Mars's orbit is more elliptical than that of the Earth, meaning that sometimes we pass by closer than other times. According to him, the moon orbits around Earth, while Earth orbits around the sun. Once in a while, Earth lines up directly between the sun and the moon. More of these shorter wavelengths reach the moon and are reflected back to earth, giving the appearance of a blood red moon.

For about half the world, the moon will be partly or fully in Earth's shadow from 1714 to 2328 GMT - six hours and 14 minutes in all.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is now predicting patchy cloud but due to the length of this eclipse most people should be able to catch a glimpse at the very least.

The connection (real or imagined) between behaviour, moods and events and the lunar cycle is called the "lunar effect".

What is Total Lunar Eclipse?

"However, we won't see all of this eclipse, as the Moon will already be deep in the shadow as it rises above the horizon from Ireland", said a spokesperson for the Irish Astronomical Association. The atmosphere filters out most of the sun's blue light, so the moon looks red.

"The moon is not always in ideal alignment with the sun and the Earth, so that is why we do not get a lunar eclipse every lunar cycle", Brad Tucker, an astronomer with the Australian National University's Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, said in a statement.

"There is no reason to believe that blood moons foretell doom", said Massey.

A few places in Northern Ireland may be lucky enough to see a so-called blood moon on Friday night.

Despite being completely shadowed by earth, the moon will glow in rusty hues.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the entire Moon enters Earth's shadow.

'It's possible that people who've heard that the lunar eclipse might influence their mood or behaviour might feel affected, because they have created a psychological expectation.

If you were to watch the eclipse on the moon, the earth would appear to be surrounded by a ring of fire.

'I choose to embrace the time of the eclipse as it brings out your shadow side bringing it in to the light'.

If that doesn't resolve your FOMO, be patient: North Americans will be able to view a lunar eclipse of their own on January 21, 2019.

In Islamic cultures, eclipses tend to be interpreted without superstition.

Lunar Eclipse 2018: How to watch the Blood Moon eclipse today?