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$1,000,000,000,000 - Apple becomes first tech firm to cross this milestone!

03 Août 2018

Apple has just won the race to be the first one trillion dollars publicly traded tech company after it's share price passed $207.04 a share today. Especially, consider Amazon's $900 billion standing and Microsoft, Google's $800 billion standing values.

Cook's ambivalence to the $1 trillion mark mirrors what he told CNN's Laurie Segall in June.

Apple is the world's most popular tech brand out there, no-brainer.

Apple's previous quarter was equally bullish with Cook reporting the firm's "best March quarter ever". Stock buybacks reduce the number of shares a company has on the open market, driving up the price of the remaining shares.

People driving themselves in cars to other physical locations is absolutely the future of retail sales? Indeed, some of the best stories about the history of Apple are when Jobs was presented with so-so products that didn't quite mimic the ones inside his head.

That's a far cry from Apple becoming some kind of poky utility, however. There are some abused factory workers in China who may feel otherwise.

Apple's CEO at the time, Gil Amelio, split the company into 7 separate divisions, each responsible for its own profit or loss. Apple makes great hardware, for sure.

It has to hock its vehicle to pay for the rest. It did not reach the $100 billion mark until May 2007, but five years later the technology giant reached a value of $500 billion.

True, Apple's earnings growth rate is slowing down.

Apple's achievement becomes more valuable in the light of the fact that many arch rivals and longtime competitors, including Microsoft and Google, are yet to achieve the milestone.

The $1 trillion milestone is largely symbolic, though impressive.

Stock market veterans note that the first trillion-dollar public company - if only briefly - appears to have been PetroChina Co.

And in 5 years maybe Canada will be worth less than the company that sold you your phone.

6 percent is small, not meaningful. Amazon had the second-largest United States market cap as of Wednesday, at roughly $872.5 billion.

Indeed, as we pointed out yesterday, the company managed to grow its revenue by a whopping 17 percent year-over-year to a total of $53.3 billion in the third quarter of 2018.

$1,000,000,000,000 - Apple becomes first tech firm to cross this milestone!