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Doom Eternal Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

13 Août 2018

QuakeCon 2018 is officially underway, and perhaps the biggest part of Bethesda's keynote address was the reveal of DOOM Eternal gameplay.

Most notably, players from other games can invade another player's game as a demon in "invasions", thus shaking up the gameplay formula quite a bit. Here's what we know about the game so far. Wait, really? After all the ripping and...? In other words, DOOM Eternal looks as DOOM as DOOM gets. If you access to Xbox Game Pass and do not see them, they should appear in just a few minutes. We see that Glory Kills return as well, only this time Doom Guy uses a new retractable sword to rip and tear. Oh yes, I said "players": multiple people can band together to form Slayer Hunting Parties, which should make for some deliciously desperate battles.

KitGuru Says: DOOM Eternal is looking excellent. And as always, hit that comment section, and let us know how you think DOOM Eternal is shaping up.

The team has re-imagined some classic Doom enemies including the Arachnatron and Pain Elemental, while bringing a ton of new enemies from the depths of Hell, the Arch Enemy of the Slayer and the Marauder. The entirety of the gameplay revolves around you shooting, slicing and dicing as many demons as you can in increasingly brutal ways.

There's also a new Heavy Cannon, which works like the Chain Gun when fired from the hip and more like a sniper rifle when you scope in. Id Software is promising more lore this time around - as director Marty Stratton puts it, they're not just making a Doom game now, they're creating a Doom universe. How do you improve on the simple perfection that is a wooden stock, a trigger, and two chambers packed full of demon-flesh-ripping buckshot?

Even though the reboot had a lot more... airborne activity... than the original, the new "meat hook" ability allows the player to grapple toward enemies. Oh, and you get a demonic lightsaber.

The news about Doom Eternal keeps coming up with new information surfacing about the game's campaign.

Doom Eternal Confirmed for Nintendo Switch