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Leak claims cases for new iPhones found in Walmart

08 Septembre 2018

As for the pricing, the iPhone with 6.1-inch LCD display will come with a price tag of $699 (Rs 50,136 roughly). However, it turns out that might not be the case after all.

With that in mind, the idea of Apple launching a 6.5-inch phone with an OLED display and charging the same amount it charged for the iPhone X a year ago is somewhat hard to believe. For September 2018, it's predicted that Apple will release its latest flagship-the iPhone XS-along with a slew of other devices, including an updated iPad Pro and a new Apple Watch series.

The all-new iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max will, however, attract the most number of eyeballs.

With less than a week to go until Apple's next iPhone event it appears that most of the secrets are out. As a conclusion, this time around we won't see any great innovation but what we can expect is a fine refinement over the iPhone X. For starters, the Apple iPhone 8 comes with a 4.7 inch HD IPS display, which is pretty small as per 2018 standards. It also mentioned that the larger OLED phone (known as the "iPhone XS Plus") will price "at a premium to the current iPhone X".

The other bit of news regarding the 2018 iPhone lineup is with respect to pricing. The iPhone X's price hovered around the Rs 1 lakh mark in India thanks to a few hikes in custom duty.

With the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max seemingly set in stone, that only leaves the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone without a proper name. After that, consumers will likely be waiting another seven days before the handsets begin shipping, making for a potential iPhone XS release date of Friday September 28. The image shared by Slash leaks shows the smartphone 6.1-inch LCD iPhone in three different colours, of which two are new. We will wait and see before we jump on any comments.

Apple is hosting its annual iPhone reveal event on September 12 where it is expected to take the wraps off brand new iPhones and perhaps also give us more on its home speaker and audio range. The storage also stays at 512GB, while there is no information on the battery capacity as yet.

The iPhone X ($999) reached almost 30 million sales since its release last September, says Canalys. Forbes reported that Apple might retain its United States pricing ($699, $799, $999 respectively) based on EU's (€799, €909, €1149). In terms of screen size, the XS Max will feature a notched 6.5-inch OLED as usual.

Leak claims cases for new iPhones found in Walmart