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New leaked photos show Apple's low-priced 'iPhone Xc'

10 Septembre 2018

Apple will launch three new iPhone X variants on September 12.

In the leaked photos and videos, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max can be seen in the new gold color.

It's reminiscent of the iPhone 5C, a device that came in a polycarbonate casing (rather than glass or aluminum) and was released in a wide variety of colors.

Dig a little bit deeper into the iPhone rumors, and while the iPhone XS may continue to look the most appealing on paper, it appears that the compromises Apple is tipped to make on the iPhone 9 may be the right ones for many.

The sprint also means that the "iPhone XS" is rapid available as a twin-sim instrument, launching a bit later than the relaxation of the road. It would also have a single-lens camera, compared to the other two's dual-lens snapper.

But when it comes to the iPhone Xs series, there's another feature that is being rumoured.

A Dual SIM iPhone is underway!

So should Samsung be anxious about its Galaxy Note 9?

The revolutionary iPhone X will be getting two successors - Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max.

Know how Apple had previously appended the letter "S" to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 to birth more powerful models namely the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S?

AppleWhen is Apple's 2018 iPhone launch event?

And now a new report from Bloomberg has echoed such speculation by insisting the home button will be removed in favour of futuristic face unlocking. Analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, who's often accurate at its assumption on upcoming Apple products, said that the 6.1-inch iPhone launching this year will be priced between $600 - $700.

Earlier today, an alleged poster from China Telecom also revealed that the new iPhone will arrive with dual-SIM and dual standby support.

The possibility of a dual-SIM capability, which allows consumers to switch between two installed providers at will, would nearly certainly be restricted to certain geographical markets. But this could be limited to some regions like China.

While the iPhone X introduced a futuristic design it came at a cost with the cheapest version costing £999.

The new software typically becomes available each fall, which means Apple will nearly certainly announce official release dates for each operating system at its event on September 12. The same way, the iPhone XS is speculated to be of nearly same size as that of iPhone X, but a little thicker, again due to camera upgrades. The battery of the iPhone XS Max, on the other hand, maybe 25% bigger than that of the iPhone X, according to Ming-Chi Kuo.

Most importantly though, what seemed like an exception previous year, may have pushed the threshold for what consumers are willing to pay for a smartphone upwards permanently. This could cross the $1000 price mark as well. The slide also points to the prices of the upcoming iPhone models. The firm has a market cap of $1,118.83 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of 24.63, a P/E/G ratio of 1.77 and a beta of 1.32.

New leaked photos show Apple's low-priced 'iPhone Xc'