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WTA chief Steve Simon backs Serena Williams in US Open sexism row

10 Septembre 2018

Why did Naomi Osaka and Sascha Bajin start to work together?

She then had a heated argument with chair umpire Carlos Ramos, which cost her a game.

If there's one thing the internet loves, it's a pile-on.

I'm just going to take it one step at a time. She's a great champion. It also earned her a $17,000 fine. After a long career, the Japanese queen of pop is retiring this year and has completed her final tour.

"It began, really, two nights before, when she beat Madison Keys in the semifinals and immediately embraced the chance to play Serena in the final",'s Steve Tignor pointed out. The first time was during the Miami Open.

It's not an emotion that should be associated with winning your first grand slam.

Serena Williams has been thrust into the spotlight again. In the third grade she did a school project about Williams.

While Osaka beat Williams in straight sets, 6-2, 6-4, headlines did not focus on her first major win, instead fixating on Williams' hat trick of code violations.

'But I don't see things as Mr Simon does. She defeated former World No. 1 and her idol Serena Williams 6-2, 6-4 on Saturday.

The cartoon - drawn by Mark Knight (editorial cartoonist for the Herald Sun newspaper) - shows the tennis superstar stomping on her racket. She posted this fangirl moment through her Instagram. "It was very loud and somewhat disruptive of the rhythm for both players at times, and I think the chair ump took that into consideration, and we are very comfortable with how she handled that match".

Meanwhile, the US Open is experimenting with on-court coaching in the qualifying and junior events. However, whether or not the infraction was fair is not really the point because as King highlights,"for [Williams], and for many other women who have experienced an abuse of power at their workplaces, there was more at stake". "She felt humiliated by the warning", said the Frenchman. I'm not a Serena fan. Never in my life have I had a coaching violation. I'm trying to figure out why he would say that.

"I can't really form an opinion yet".

"It did feel like a dream and it still doesn't feel like it really happened even though I'm holding the trophy".

She was not the one for a gentle game of back-and-forth.

Despite growing up far away from her birth country, Osaka has not forgotten her roots. Before flying out for the tournament, she reportedly had this serious concern: "I was debating if I should travel with my PS4 or not". It was a scene that would be remembered for many years to come: it was the champion who was being consoled. "So then I was like Caveman SpongeBob".

"The sport needs to get together and sort it out". But there's no disconnect there. Tennis at its best showcases athletes who possess that rare capacity to keep their head when all about them are losing theirs. Role models don't exist in an unattainable world of humility and grace, and as Williams has demonstrated, they wear their emotions on their sleeves and are unafraid to call out injustices as they see it.

"I know what Serena did and her behaviour was not welcome".

Since the match on Saturday night, the sport has found itself embroiled in a sexism row over the double standards at play when it comes to the difference in the way male and female players are penalised. I hadn't had a chance to look too much at the news.

WTA chief Steve Simon backs Serena Williams in US Open sexism row