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China Telecom Teases Upcoming iPhone 9 With Dual SIM Support

11 Septembre 2018

All that has raised our hopes for the next-gen iPhones, with therumour mill working overtime to bring us all juicy details about them.

The 2018 iPhones are less than 48 hours away from being officially unveiled. Many have asked if Apple will unveil dual SIM iPhones at its September 12 event. Other rumors have claimed that the LCD 2018 iPhone would sell for about $699 making it much more affordable than the OLED models.

IPhone prices could rise as much as 20 percent if Apple gives in to pressure from President Trump to start assembling its smartphones here in the us, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch. All of the new iPhones will include the iPhone X's new design, along with Face ID for unlocking the device. Since the "X" stands for 10, rather than the letter in Apple's official naming, an XS would mirror similar "S" phones such as the iPhone 4S, 5S and 6S, rather than standing for iPhone "extra small" or "excess". Given that the upcoming 6.1-inch iPhone will also reportedly come in the same number of hues, "C" is a viable choice. Supposedly, this is taking the place of Apple's proprietary Lighting port.

THE NEXT-GEN iPad Pro could be the first iDevice to use a non-proprietary Apple connection.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst associated with the tech giant Apple's supply chain, has now revealed some of his predictions, which he thinks are coming up too soon, probably already tomorrow.

Apple's latest features for the watch coincide with Pride month. Here is everything we expect to see at Apple's 2018 special event.

Not much is expected to change as far as design is concerned. Note these two models come with more premium OLED screens.

Last year, Apple took a leap with a radical redesign of its flagship phone by introducing the iPhone X. While on trend with a bezel-less screen, the X spawned a slew of memes for its controversial "notch" on the front display.

Apple announced exciting new features for its Apple TV set-top box. Both are core product lines for Apple. Back in 2014, Apple made waves by announcing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. For instance, Apple will use a stainless steel frame instead of an aluminium one.

"All three of the iPhones will feature almost edge-to-edge designs with a notch that houses a TrueDepth Camera System, putting an end to the Touch ID Home button in Apple's flagship iPhone line-up". Apple has considered calling the phone the "iPhone Xr", one of the people said.

A "cheap iPhone" for $700 with at least some new color variations? We'll know it all in less than two days, so stay tuned to this space.

China Telecom Teases Upcoming iPhone 9 With Dual SIM Support