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First Advisories Sent for Hurricane Florence in South and North Carolina, Virginia

11 Septembre 2018

Wake Forest and Boston College plan to go ahead with their Thursday game in Winston-Salem, N.C., but kickoff has been moved up two hours to 5:30 p.m. ET.

In North Carolina, evacuations have been ordered in Dare County, which includes the Outer Banks and Hatteras, a popular vacation spot, as well as other coastal counties, according to The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Schools will be closed in the affected counties and state officials will reverse lanes on four major roads leading to the coast to assist with the evacuation.

Although the focus on where Hurricane Florence makes landfall is drawing lots of attention, another looming threat could be the worst impact of this monster storm: disastrous, deadly flooding from days of relentless rain.

Florence's top wind speeds were still hovering at about 130 miles per hour on Tuesday, making Florence a Category 4 hurricane.

Brokers and wholesalers in the Carolinas said they were starting to see stockpiles dwindle. This storm - they say, they are telling us - is very unpredictable.

Trump has approved emergency declarations for both coastal states, a standard move allowing the release of federal funds and equipment to aid in protection and recovery efforts.

Life-threatening surf and rip currents will also affect Bermuda and portions of the US East Coast this week. "People are honking at each other, cars are nearly lined up out to the street", Lauren Hancock, a resident of Wrightsville Beach in the state's evacuation zone, said on Tuesday.

Red Cross Spokesperson Jonathan McNamara on preparations as Hurricane Florence approaches the USA coast.

Hurricane-force winds could buffet the Carolinas by Wednesday night with landfall likely in SC and North Carolina on Thursday, followed by heavy rains that could cause flooding in much of the U.S. Southeast, the NHC said.

Gov. Rick Scott released a statement on Monday urging Floridians to be prepared for the unexpected and remain on alert about Hurricane Florence.

Hurricane Florence is projected to be "a devastating storm", according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency chief, as the Category 4 storm hurtles towards the coasts of North Carolina and Virginia.

Gas prices in SC have climbed by about 8 cents to $2.585 a gallon from a week earlier, according to motorists' advocacy group AAA.

John Quagliariello from the National Weather Service in Columbia, however, stressed a landfall along the S.C. coast is still possible. Storm surge is also a major concern.

"This storm is going to get stronger before it makes landfall", CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said.

"The time to hope Hurricane Florence away is gone".

The current forecast track suggests the hurricane will most likely approach North Carolina or SC on Thursday as it gathers speed. The governor noted his state order is a first as far as he knows, but he said he believes it's necessary.

In the Pacific, Hurricane Olivia triggered warnings for multiple Hawaiian islands as it blew west toward an arrival over the state as soon as late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

First Advisories Sent for Hurricane Florence in South and North Carolina, Virginia