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New Stats Support Umpire Carlos Ramos In Dispute With Serena Williams

14 Septembre 2018

Tennis star Serena Williams was making headlines earlier this week following a clash between her and an umpire during the final match at the 2018 US Open Tennis Championships. After sparring with the chair umpire, Williams was given a one-game penalty late in the climactic second set, sealing the win for Osaka.

According to the source, umpires are reportedly discussing the option of refusing match assignments that involve Williams until she apologises to Ramos for calling him a "liar" and "thief".

Ramos is deemed one of the more experienced umpires in the game with nearly 30 years of experience but for overseeing the Grand Slam final he received a fee of just £370 - a standard daily rate. You are the best player at the end of this event and because of the turn of events with the crowd and the booing and everything, it wasn't the way - that was the outcome I was referring to.

Martina Navratilova, an 18-time Grand Slam singles champion, also took a swipe at Williams' behaviour, The Sydney Morning Herald reported. You're a thief too.

After the match, Twitter users and tennis commentators alike said the penalties assessed to Williams were excessively harsh, and some said they may have reflected sexism and racism in tennis officiating.

Williams was fined $17,000 in total. He did what he had to do in that match, because she overcame the limit. There's a lot of men out here that have said a lot of things, and because they are men, that doesn't happen to them.

But the cartoon keeps bringing criticism, most notably online.

The cartoon depicts an enraged Williams with dramatically oversized red lips, a hulking physique and hair sticking straight up, in what critics from J.K. Rowling to the National Association of Black Journalists say mirrors racist portrayals of black women during the early 1900s.

Furthermore, in embracing her new high profile, Osaka wants to serve as a role model for young Japanese children. I've never been called for coaching, but the racket abuse, the verbal abuse, that's just part of the sport. "I was more anxious about the person across the net than the official".

Others would question why Knight gave Osaka a blonde ponytail. She commented, "Me, as a woman, take a lot of warnings".

"Political correctness is really all about censoring, it's about being bullied into conforming to a view of the world", he said, AP reported.

New Stats Support Umpire Carlos Ramos In Dispute With Serena Williams