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Hurricane Florence strengthens to Category 4, SC coast to be evacuated

16 Septembre 2018

Hurricane Florence appears to have weakened slightly but is expected to restrengthen later on Tuesday, the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said in its latest advisory. The National Weather Service reported Sunday that more than 20 people had to be pulled from the ocean off Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach, The Wilmington Star reported.

SC governor Henry McMaster has ordered the evacuation of the entire 187-mile coastline of the Palmetto State, effective at noon on Tuesday, in anticipation of powerful Hurricane Florence approaching the east coast of the United States. The center of the massive storm is then forecast to meander Thursday, Friday and Saturday over a stretch of coastline saturated by rising seas.

The storm, which intensified from the Category 1 to a Category 4 in a mere 13 hours on Monday, is tracking to make landfall Thursday night or Friday morning. But authorities warned it will still be an extremely unsafe hurricane. Are you preparing your home or getting ready to evacuate?

The NHC warned that hurricane force winds may extend 65 kilometers from the center and tropical-storm-force winds may reach 240 kilometers outward.

For all other coastal counties, an evacuation went into effect Tuesday, Sept. 11 at noon.

President Donald Trump tweeted the federal government stood prepared to assist the governors of the USA states affected.

"Don't play games with it".

Simpson said his office had already begun planning for the impact of the hurricane.

The video shows the scale of the unsafe storm, which is due to make landfall on Thursday.

"Florence is just one of several storms brewing".

Governors in the Carolinas and Virginia already had declared emergencies, and some sought federal aid as well. Airlines had canceled almost 1,000 flights and counting.

Their deployment can last from a few days to a few weeks.

"It's on par with the storms we flew previous year, like Maria and Irma", Kibbey said.

Where are the hurricane and storm surge watches and warnings in effect?

Computer models of exactly what the storm might do varied, adding to the uncertainty.

"Pretend, presume, assume that a major hurricane is going to hit smack dab in the middle of SC and may go way inshore", McMaster warned.

As Paul Flaherty flew over Hurricane Florence, he didn't like what he was seeing.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have a gorgeous view of Earth whenever they want it.

The shift in the projected track spread concern to areas that once thought they were relatively safe.

North Carolina governor Roy Cooper said his state was "in the bullseye" of the storm.

"We've had our lessons".

The state has issued mandatory evacuations. They have shared a hurricane preparedness toolkit that you can find here.

"There is an increasing risk of coastal storm surge flooding and freshwater flooding from heavy prolonged rain when the hurricane approaches the USA", said a NOAA tweet. While that move allows carriers to charge last-minute business travelers high fares, a run on tickets ahead of an impending storm also could trigger a price surge.

Hurricane Florence strengthens to Category 4, SC coast to be evacuated