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On Puerto Rico, Trump Is Right

16 Septembre 2018

A senior official at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) says millions of bottles of water were moved onto a runway in Puerto Rico in January as a cost-saving measure as regular water service was restored to the island in the months after Hurricane Maria.

It determined that the government of Puerto Rico did not do enough in the early days following the storm to stem misreporting.

President Trump is prepping for Hurricane Florence by boasting about his sparkling record fighting super storms - especially in Puerto Rico, where he insists less than 100 died, and NOT 3,000.

"If a person died for any reason, like old age, just add them on to the list", he tweeted. The figure was met with widespread criticism for not counting deaths of those who couldn't get medical supplies or food in the aftermath of the storm as FEMA struggled to aid the island, and analyses by some news media outlets put the toll much higher. Leaving aside the "buck stops literally anywhere else" attitude that Trump's fans are apparently willing to apply to him, none of that matters. "President Trump continues to demonstrate his inability to understand what his job in this crisis was all about", she tweeted.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said he saw no reason to dispute the numbers found in the GWU study.

The team, which worked independently of the Puerto Rican government, looked at death certificates, spoke to funeral home directors and interviewed doctors, health officials, hospital directors and forensic pathologists to reach their conclusion.

Asked if he is concerned Trump's praise for the Puerto Rico response reflects that the President doesn't fully appreciate the magnitude of these natural disasters, Burr declined to weigh in. This mattered little to a man who made it clear before, during, and after Maria that the storm (and the island in general) were second-order priorities. These activists have not made any attempt to count the actual number of hurricane-related deaths. "And I can not fathom the thought that the greatest nation in the world can not figure out the logistics for a small island of 100 miles by 35 miles", she said. Then came Maria and devastation in Puerto Rico, where a slow federal response was complicated by logistical concerns and preexisting economic and infrastructure deficiencies on the island territory.

He's continued to try to claim that credit, explicitly complaining that the disaster relief work in Puerto Rico went "unappreciated" and that it was an "unsung success."

Colbert highlighted how this story about the death-toll was not front-page news because of "all the other bad news about Donald Trump" but now became front-page worthy after trump himself brought it up.

The comedian said Trump should be more focused on the threat of Hurricane Florence at the moment.

On Puerto Rico, Trump Is Right