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Elon Musk names space tourist to launch on BFR moon mission

18 Septembre 2018

SpaceX founder Elon Musk announces Yusaku Maezawa as the first private passenger on a trip around the moon.

The average distance from Earth to the moon is about 237,685 miles (382,500 kilometers).

After the announcement was made that at-the-time-mystery-passenger Maezawa would be revealed on the 17th, Elon Musk tweeted out a cryptic tweet with a single Japanese flag emoji.

Maezawa has plenty of money to devote to this moon shot. He drew attention a year ago with the purchase of a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting for $110.5 million.

Maezawa referred to the future launch as the outcome of a "life long dream" and told attendees, "I choose to go to the moon!"

Maezawa said at SpaceX's headquarters in California that he will invite six to eight world-renowned artists to join him on the weeklong flight orbiting the moon. Twenty-four NASA astronauts flew to the moon from 1968 through 1972, and only 12 of them strolled its dusty surface. In an interview to Forbes past year, a passionate Maezawa said, "I'd like to emphasize in the construction (of the museum) that each work of art plays a leading role in the museum". SpaceX's passenger will be the first person to take a space flight toward the moon who did not train through a formal program like NASA.

Musk said he would not reveal the price Maezawa paid for the Moon trip, but said it would be 'free for the artists'.

The high cost of the trip - estimated at around $150m (£120m) - means the person is also presumably a billionaire.

SpaceX has been an undoubted success story in the private space race.

But the unveiling, in the shadow of the engines of two massive and gleaming rockets, was also a testament to Musk's belief in making humans a multi-planet species.

And if you were wondering, "We'll do a bunch of test launches before having any people on board", Musk said.

In an unexpected twist to the proceedings, Maezawa said that he didn't want to have "such a fantastic experience" all by himself. Start Today became a joint stock corporation in 2000 and they started retailing clothing as well. Perhaps the most unusual feature of these new tripod fins is that the lower pair have been created to be massive, agile control surfaces necessary for reentry and landing on planets or moons with significant atmospheres. It's meant to hold up to 100 passengers on trips as far away as Mars. As has been previously revealed BFR is being created to be an interplanetary transport that can put 100 tons or so on the surface of anywhere it is sent - such as Mars, the Moon, or the moons of Jupiter.

A full BFR booster and spaceship visualized during launch.

"He stepped forward", Musk added.

While the BFR has not been built yet, Musk has said he wants the rocket to be ready for an unpiloted trip to Mars in 2022, with a crewed flight in 2024, though his ambitious production targets have been known to slip.

Elon Musk names space tourist to launch on BFR moon mission