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Where Did Christine Blasey Ford Go to High School?

18 Septembre 2018

Details of the allegations have trickled out since the committee's ranking member, Sen.

A spokeswoman for the organization, Carrie Severino, sparked a backlash online when she said Ford's allegations describe "a whole range of conduct from boorishness to rough horseplay to actual attempted rape".

Ford said in the interview with the newspaper that Kavanaugh threw her down on a bed, grinding his body against hers and trying to pull off her one-piece bathing suit and the clothing she was wearing over it. Ford said when she tried to scream, he put his hand over her mouth.

They also said they've given her the option of a closed hearing.

Kavanaugh's confirmation, which once appeared all but certain, was cast in doubt after Christine Blasey Ford said in an interview published Sunday by The Washington Post that a drunken Kavanaugh groped her and tried to take off her clothes at a party when they were teenagers. (Kavanaugh has "categorically and unequivocally" denied Ford's allegation.) To say that an allegation such as this might be disqualifying for a lifetime appointment to our nation's highest office feels quite reasonable. "And she deserves to be heard because these are serious accusations".

Hill, whose credibility and reputation were on trial during the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas, had urged the Senate to establish a protocol to assess sexual misconduct claims that emerge during the confirmation process.

Democrats on the Judiciary Committee called on the FBI to investigate high school-era allegations against Kavanaugh.

Washington (CNN)Sexual assault allegations levied against President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee have spurred intensive conversations at the White House over how to proceed, officials and advisers said on Monday.

Moments later, Welch issued his statement.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill Sept. 4 2018 in Washington D.C
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Ford told the Washington post, that she left the main room of the party to use the restroom, which was at the top of a narrow stairway. "These allegations are credible and deeply troubling".

Democrats complained that there was not a thorough FBI investigation of the allegations that took place, and no witnesses other than Hill and Thomas who were called. "And I'm going to be respectful, and I hope my colleagues will be too". In fact, it has occurred only four times in the 20th century and seven times in the 19th, though some nominations - George W. Bush's 2005 selection of Harriet Miers, withdrawn 24 days later, following a storm of criticism from the Republican base - have died before votes in the Senate, the legislative body that alone has the power to approve presidential nominees for the judicial branch through a simple majority.

While Ford initially sought to keep her allegation confidential, she said she opted to go public once the allegation emerged in the public eye and reporters began pursuing her. During all that time, "they did not raise it", he said in a Senate floor speech.

Hewitt asked if there was any thought of having a female lawyer or someone like former Republican Sen. Another week or two - what difference would it make? Two weeks? Three weeks? "Ford recalled that she did not remember if Kavanaugh and Judge were behind her or already upstairs but claimed that they were 'stumbling drunk". "Let the investigation get done".

The President also once again lamented Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), has not delayed the vote.

Maura Fitzgerald, who dated Kavanaugh in college, said she and Kavanaugh have been good friends since high school.

But Democrats on the panel said the entire process has been stacked against Ms. Blasey Ford. She said she got away when a companion of Kavanaugh's jumped on him.

On NBC's "Today", Katz defended Ford's initial decision to stay anonymous and then to come forward.

Where Did Christine Blasey Ford Go to High School?