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New evacuations ordered because of Florence flooding

22 Septembre 2018

The death toll has now risen to 43 dead in the aftermath of former Hurricane Florence, authorities said.

Storm surge swamped portions of New Bern and eastern Craven County, requiring more than 300 water rescues in the area. "More than 4,700 people have been saved, twice as many as in Matthew". Thousands of others around the state waited in shelters for the all-clear.

Forecasters grew increasingly anxious about New Bern being flooded by storm surge on the Neuse River the closer Florence got to the coast, and their fears proved to be well-founded: a 10-foot (3-meter) surge was reported in the city, along with more than 16 inches (40 centimeters) of rainfall. Hurricane Florence brought destructive flooding to areas in the waterfront business district.

"I know for many people this feels like a nightmare that just won't end", he said.

Hurricane Florence is still wearing out the Carolinas, where residents have endured an agonising week of violent winds, torrential rain, widespread flooding, power outages and death. She says relief efforts will be enhanced the more people prepare for these events ahead of time.

A week after the storm hit, thousands in SC are under new evacuation orders and some of the stranded in Mullins, had to be rescued by helicopter.

Florence has claimed eight lives in SC thus far, and flooding is expected to worsen later this week and into next.

The risk of environmental damage mounted, as human and animal waste was washed into the swirling floodwaters.

When the owner said no, Trump reportedly turned and replied with a smile, "At least you got a nice boat out of the deal".

He sympathized with those who were forced to flee and are now relying on government-distributed bottled water and ready-to-eat field rations. An olive-drab military forklift moved around huge pallets loaded with supplies. Some areas could stay underwater for weeks, forecasters warned.

"It's pretty bleak", Bender said. But the state said in a Tweet late Wednesday: "No safe, stable and reliable route now exists for the public to get to and from Wilmington".

"There are many roads where water levels will continue to rise making the roads impassable during the next 72 hours or more depending on when the local rivers crest", NCDOT said, adding that travel was not recommended in several counties, including Cumberland, Duplin and Harnett.

Fayetteville Mayor Mitch Colvin said it was unclear if the bridge was threatened.

After days of hoping for the best, Billy and Rita Sanderson waded in knee-high murky waters to see Florence's storm damage to their home of almost 30 years.

Waggoner reported from Raleigh, North Carolina.

The six-time NBA champion, who played high-school basketball in Wilmington, North Carolina, and attended college at North Carolina, made two large donations to Carolina residents.

New evacuations ordered because of Florence flooding