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Bjorn says ‘Europe united’ at Ryder Cup amid Brexit tensions

29 Septembre 2018

"I really did appreciate that moment, but it's gone now". The grandstands around the first tee at Le Golf National hold almost 7,000 people.

"Whatever nerves you felt up to now, times it by 10, and that's what you have".

The laid-back Italian, who picked up the biggest victory of his career at this year's British Open, isn't about to change his personality at Le Golf National.

So how do you handle it?

That's true for the generation that will carry this competition into the future, for Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas and Patrick Reed, et al.

Perhaps the most important element of that is "team" - one's never had the impression that Woods was remotely invested in this format.

Porter - Tommy Fleetwood: It's going to be downright righteous what Tommy Lad is going to do to whichever Americans get slotted against him. That's something he uses to focus himself. It's not wrong or right.

"How do you work together and make a strength and depth of strength throughout your team so you feel like at each session you have four great groups out on the course?"

"I think they are strong every year in the Ryder Cup no matter who is on the team, or what form they are in", Simpson said. Everyone uses the crowd differently. Tony Finau, whose PGA Tour average drive this season is over 315 yards, admits he will hit driver only between four to six drivers a round compared to 10 to 12 he would usually employ on courses in the US.

The U.S. team has gone a quarter-century since its last victory in Europe.

"Justin Rose - who was Number One in the world there just a couple weeks ago, FedExCup victor - Sergio Garcia, Henrik Stenson, guys that have played in a lot of Ryder Cups and have had a lot of success individually and in team events".

"He has an infectious personality and is a great character to have around the team".

"For us to be able to promote golf like that, and for me the experience a scene like we had on 18 with the people running behind us and getting excited, that's a big deal", he said. From being in the locker room, everyone's taking Tiger's return very well and positively.

"The dynamic of the American team has become a little more cohesive in the last few years and I think that's to do with the younger guys coming on board and really embracing the Ryder Cup". Yet at the Ryder Cup, he has hurt more than helped. He looks in many ways like the Tiger of old. Rahm and Fleetwood, however, should be fixtures in the team for years, and are players Bjorn could lean on heavily this week.

It kind of does more than one thing.

"It's great for the U.S. team he's in the mix and it's great it has given their team a little bit of momentum".

The European team will wear yellow ribbons this week.

Rory McIlroy insists Europe would be "silly" to focus on beating a rejuvenated Tiger Woods as they look to maintain their brilliant home record and regain the Ryder Cup in Paris.

European rookie Tommy Fleetwood detailed Pep Guardiola's passion for the Ryder Cup after revealing he had received a message of support from the Manchester City manager ahead of this week's event. It's the end of the conversation. The gap isn't as large for the Americans now as it was then for the Europeans, but I'm only going to give the hosts one point for home-course advantage. They have jokingly been saying "We want to go against you". It's a slugfest from the very first tee shot and someone gets knocked down early. "You're pretty much set in your mind where it's all going to go".

"I think that when my game is there, I feel like I've always been a tough person to beat", Woods said.

Bjorn says ‘Europe united’ at Ryder Cup amid Brexit tensions