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Boone County Prepapres For Flu Season By Opening Rural Immunization Clinics

30 Septembre 2018

Businesses can also arrange for the hospital to come and host a flu shot clinic for employees.

Today's group also put in a plug for vaccination against pneumococcal disease, which can lead to sepsis, a flu complication.

Fatal complications from the flu can include pneumonia, stroke and heart attack.

Last fall and winter, the USA went through one of the most severe flu seasons in recent memory.

Federal health officials said two stronger vaccines are available for adults ages 65 and older: a high-dose shot about four times as strong as a conventional vaccine or a shot made with an adjuvant that creates a stronger immune response.

On Monday, October 8th, the White County Health Units of the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) will offer flu vaccinations at both Beebe and Searcy from 8:00 to 4:30.

The CDC estimates the 2017-2018 flu vaccine was 40% effective in protecting against influenza A and B virus types.

"We are encouraging everyone to get their flu vaccination and we hope this effort to make it cost-free to individuals will make it more accessible", said Cherokee County Regional Director Maria Alexander.

According to Webb-Collins, the health department goes beyond the flu shot clinic to reach residents. "The flu, they can be bad sometime", said Emma Ball, 75.

In addition to getting the flu shot, there are easy ways to stay healthy when the world around you is sneezing.

As a new flu season gets underway, public health officials say last year's toll underscores the importance of getting a flu vaccine each year. The flu vaccine is safe and does not cause the flu. Years ago, it would only last a few months. "It's why many people feel wiped out for two weeks after stopping coughing".

Last year's flu-related deaths included 180 children, the highest in a regular (non-pandemic) flu season since 2012-2013, although not as high as the 358 children who died during the 2009 flu pandemic. "Parents should ask their health care provider about influenza vaccine and providers should check the vaccination status of patients at every visit and strongly recommend vaccination".

The timing and severity of the flu season varies each year, depending on the strains that circulate.

The vaccine can reduce flu illness and hospitalizations, can protect pregnant women during and after pregnancy and be lifesaving in children, Jernigan said.

Schaffner emphasized that the effects of the flu aren't over once the disease ends.

Avoid close contact with people who are sick. "It can be bad if you haven't been vaccinated".

One senior was glad to get her vaccine today, but every year half of Americans don't.

Boone County Prepapres For Flu Season By Opening Rural Immunization Clinics