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'Venom' review: Sony delivers the worst Marvel movie since 'Elektra'

04 Octobre 2018

'You know what I mean?

The first social media reactions to Venom have arrived - and the Twitter reviews have been largely negative, give or take a few dissenters.

Eddie lives with his fiancé Anne (Michelle Williams), a successful attorney working for a firm that represents the famed, adventure-seeking and controversial billionaire Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed).

After that, "Venom" descends into a series of uninspired action sequences, including a climactic battle that's so dark, rapidly edited and murky it's hard to identify who's up or down.

"Director Ruben Fleischer, who made "Zombieland" and "Gangster Squad", is uninspired".

Really, I would just ignore these bits if you have any interest in the film. It's a unusual state of affairs, but hey, that makes it the flawless movie for 2018.

Tom's pursuit is a little more comedic, we must confess, as he did ask for the whole thing. Venom itself stays hidden and mostly quiet as Eddie approaches the cell, and we see a man painting the word "welcome" in blood on the walls of his cage, which happens to be a lone box in the middle of an otherwise empty room. Fans hoped to see an R-rated psychological horror take on the comics. The constant negotiating over bodily control is fascinating and often quite amusing, thus validating the choice to put an accomplished talent like Hardy into the role and allowing him to give two unique and engaging performances simultaneously as Brock and Venom. Unfortunately, his performance gets lost in drawn-out auto chases, a story riddled with plot holes and bloodless fight scenes (for the PG-13 rating) dominated by CGI. Like Hardy's accent, it's seemed as if the studio hasn't been quite sure just what kind of tone it wants to strike with its advertisements, which send mixed messages about what kind of movie really Venom is. And in that sense, Venom delivers exactly as promised, in the form of a messy, confused narrative about a man coping with becoming possessed by an alien lifeform. She did, and with her CV and talent, that was even more depressing. Gleiberman likened Hardy's performance to an "impersonation of a benignly inarticulate stoner clown who's only got half his marbles", while McCarthy called the actor "disheveled, stubbly, sweaty, and bloated", suggesting that he'd be "the ideal actor to one day play Harvey Weinstein".

"Venom has clear intentions to be a buddy comedy set within a superhero universe and, for the most part, the relationship between Eddie and Venom is the most successful aspect of the film". And I love all the characters that he's played. It may not be gritty, but it's still a story about Eddie and Venom deciding they're better off together; a central theme of the comics. Spider-Man 3 grossed almost $900 million after opening in May 2007, but reviews were unkind, specifically with regards to the Venom storyline.

According to Hardy, Louis saw the movie and did not approve of Tom's work.

'Venom' review: Sony delivers the worst Marvel movie since 'Elektra'