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Windows 10 October 2018 Update Users Start Reporting Early Issues

04 Octobre 2018

Furthermore, the Feed page has been split into three new tabs - News, Glance and the above mentioned Timeline tab.

There are two ways to push the October Update-aka "version 1809"-to your computer right now".

Now if you'll excuse me, I've going to spend the next couple of hours starting at lots of little dots going round in circles. Now you can surf your files and media the same way you surf the new Shacknews - in the dark! Other MAPS subscribers will get it on October 22. The clipboard now has cloud support, allowing for the easy transfer of files or documents between multiple systems, without the need to login to each one.

Of course, you may not have any problems at all-maybe you're just at the end of the line because you have hardware that hasn't been tested yet, or maybe Microsoft is trying to reduce its server load. It is a practical addition to the Windows 10 brochure of features.

The new Snip & Sketch feature will soon be taking over from the existing Snipping Tool for taking screenshots.

. In the upcoming weeks, most of the users across the world will be able to get the taste of new Windows with a global rollout.

You can now update your list of tasks in the To-Do app using ink, if you prefer to physically write notes than type them out.

As such, Microsoft has now put a block on afflicted machines being offered the Windows 10 update, although users can push things through if they really want to. The good news is Intel has already fixed the issue with a graphics driver update.

Credit: JHVEPhoto/ShutterstockGraphics companies are practically obligated to release drivers that improve support for new games.

According to Microsoft, the first DXR games will worth with NVIDIA's RTX technology.

Only three games will support the API thus far, two of which aren't out yet: Metro Exodus, Battlefield 5, which doesn't launch until mid-November, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

If you have the latest Windows 10 update installed, and you launch the Calculator you'll be greeted with a giant version that almost fills the screen, and includes History and Memory columns that you don't appear to be able to hide. After all, if you don't, Windows has developed an annoying habit of installing and then rebooting your machine on its own, potentially causing you to lose work.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update Users Start Reporting Early Issues