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USMCA expected to improve investor confidence in Canada

05 Octobre 2018

The Dairy Farmers of Canada say they failed to see how the trade deal would be good for the 22,000 Canadian families that depend on dairy for their livelihood.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian defended the naval maneuver on Tuesday, accusing the USA of threatening China's sovereignty and safety by repeatedly sending warships to disputed areas of the South China Sea.

David Taylor, chairman of the board of the B.C. Dairy Association and B.C.'s representative with the Dairy Farmers of Canada, said when he heard the news, he was angry and disappointed.

Trump has justified his tough trade policy against Beijing with accusations that China steals US intellectual property and limits access to its own market. Meanwhile, earlier this year, the Trump administration banned government employees from buying tech from Chinese tech firms, Huawei and ZTE.

"By one estimate, more than 80 percent of US counties targeted by China voted for President Trump in 2016; now China wants to turn these voters against our administration", Pence says. "We were dragged into it and we dealt with it the best we could", said Jean Charest, a former Quebec premier.

A Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, said Beijing objected to Pence's "groundless" allegations and urged the stop hurting ties between the two countries. Although the list wasn't reduced, as the USA wanted, it also didn't expand, as Canada hoped it would, said Toronto business immigration lawyer Nan Berezowski.

This sweetheart deal had been threatened during the a year ago, but now appears to be solidly in place, allowing US farm products to flow tax-free across the border. The new treaty also offers much more protection for US intellectual property rights and digital technology. It said these include specialized alloys and rare earth metals. "To my mind there's nothing in that speech that rises to the level of 2016 Russian active measures". "China is just very different and very hard".

The U.S. has repeatedly complained about the unfairness of Canada's protection of its dairy industry as if the Americans don't protect their own farmers. "More business leaders are thinking beyond the next quarter".

While China does maintain global efforts to influence overseas Chinese and has been accused of several high-profile cyber raids on American computer systems, there has so far been no public evidence of the sort of influence operations the USA has said Russian Federation carried out in 2016.

The democratic, self-governing island is home to nationalists who fled in 1949 after losing China's civil war and has waged an increasingly lonely campaign for diplomatic recognition as the Republic of China. It also pressured Marriott to fire a USA employee who liked a tweet about Tibet.

The US vice-president called out China's "culture of censorship" to enforce party dogma at home and overseas, and named the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, which has organisations at 150 American campuses, as an attempt to enforce the Communist Party's political line over Chinese students overseas.

As part of the USMCA deal, Canada said it would agree to dismantle the "class 7" pricing program, which covered milk ingredients including skim milk, milk powder and protein concentrates.

Some analysts who spoke with LA Times said major portions of USMCA were lifted or build upon important provisions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership of which President Trump withdrew when he assumed the presidency. "The Chinese side is firmly opposed to it".

Before the deadline, USA and Mexican officials had threatened to submit a bilateral deal to Congress if Canada and the US did not resolve their bilateral disagreements by the end of September.

USMCA expected to improve investor confidence in Canada