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Get a flu vaccine, not the flu

06 Octobre 2018

How many people died from the flu a year ago?

Chicago was not spared. That's more than double the previous season, during which 275 were admitted.

Buchanan County residents age 18 and older who are not pregnant are encouraged to participate.

Area emergency rooms, including Stroger Hospital's, were inundated with sick patients. If they do not have insurance, or the insurance does not cover flu shots, the vaccine will be available at no charge.

This delayed reaction may also contribute to ideas that vaccinations do not effectively prevent flu. Doctors and health officials expect that the nasal spray flu vaccine could be an option for these people.

Last season's vaccine was about 40 percent effective, Martell said.

Influenza can rear its head any time of the year, but is known to be a particularly bad thorn in one's side when the weather is cold.

"The numbers were so high a year ago of illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths across the county, there's a real push throughout the entire country - if not the world - to get vaccinated, wash your hands [and] stay home if you're sick", said Michael Heck, RN BSN, AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

Past year the vaccine didn't contain the strain that caused so many to get sick. "We will start that about October 15".

Nursing coordinator Abby King give a K-State employee a flu shot during the Employee Benefit Expo in the Union Ballroom on October 4, 2018.

The new universal flu vaccines open new doors to reshape the future of seasonal flu protection by providing a more potent effect based on the combination of antigens. Vaccination also is important for anyone who has close contact with a person at high risk for complications, or a child younger than 6 months. Influenza vaccination should begin soon after vaccine becomes available. These usually last from a few days to less than two weeks.

"Last year was a very serious flu season [and] many children died", said Hartman. "If you put it off - still get vaccinated, of course - but now is an excellent time to get vaccinated", Schffner said. "There are a lot of places the general public can go to get vaccinated".

Nurses at Mary Lanning Healthcare say getting the shot could help not only you, but those around you.

Alisen O'Hearn, tobacco control prevention specialist, who said she is pregnant with her first child, said receiving the vaccine not only will protect her, but provide a level of flu protection for her baby after birth.

Get a flu vaccine, not the flu