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Donald Trump says daughter Ivanka would be 'incredible' in United Nations role

10 Octobre 2018

Trump said as he took questions from reporters on the South Lawn of the White House.

But she said in her resignation letter to Trump she would "surely not be a candidate for any office in 2020" and would support his re-election bid.

Haley, who has been one of Trump's most trusted advisers, would not confirm the report to Reuters when asked about it on her arrival at the White House today.

First, stories emerge of the official's conflicts with US President Donald Trump, usually accompanied by head-snapping quotes in which the official describes him as an ignorant, impulsive, risky halfwit.

And yet, she outlasted many of her colleagues, carving out a role in her first year as the president's most visible foreign-policy voice.

Trump nominated Haley to the United Nations job in November 2016. The president also said that Haley "has been very special" to him and "is a fantastic person".

The decision was announced to reporters by President Trump in a joint Oval Office appearance with Haley.

"Before she was named by Trump to her United Nations post, Haley was elected the first female governor of SC".

So she may be one of the few Trump officials who departs without becoming an object of ridicule, scorn, or the attention of prosecutors.

Nikki Haley is leaving her post as US ambassador to the United Nations with a lengthy list of accomplishments. How about (1) she is not qualified and (2) we are or should aspire to be a democracy, and not a monarchy or a House of Cards-like tv show? But they respect what we do.

On Tuesday, Haley listed what she said were the accomplishments of her two terms, including North Korea sanctions, support for Israel, cutting the United Nations budget by $1.3 billion, and focusing on Iran's support of terror groups in the Middle East, as the US defended its withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal.

Trump and Haley both exhibited warm demeanor and were mutually complimentary as they announced her departure. "We have many many people interested in it".

Haley received praise from conservatives, who valued her defense of Israel and her sharp criticism of leftist governments in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. She's repeatedly insisted that she is focused on the job at hand, not future opportunities. That included a majority, 55%, of Democrats.

The daughter of immigrants from India, Mrs Haley was a frequent critic of Mr Trump during his election campaign. She also often sides even more strongly with Israel than Trump, who has pushed USA policy away from its officially neutral stance on the conflict with the Palestinians. She once threatened to "take names" of countries that have opposed American policy in Israel.

The daughter of immigrants from India, Haley favored free markets and global trade and earned worldwide attention for speaking out against the Confederate battle flag in the aftermath of the 2015 massacre at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Retiring Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said: "She challenged friend and foe to be better".

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Donald Trump says daughter Ivanka would be 'incredible' in United Nations role