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Google Unveils the Pixel 3 and 3XL with New AI Camera Features

10 Octobre 2018

Deeper tests will show us more, but early impressions of the Pixel 3's software stability and fluidity are as good as ever. This is in contrast to Windows 10, which asks you before switching.

The Home Hub is available to preorder right now for $149 (£139) and will begin shipping on October 22.

Google Pixel 3 specifications Google Pixel 3 has a 5.5-inch FHD+ (2160 x 1080 pixels) flexible OLED screen with 18:9 aspect ratio.

In some respects, it was inevitable that smart homes would end up going down the path to a central control point and ecosystem: the smart home market is so disparate and flooded with competing standards that those companies that have tried to become single-point hubs - for example, Wink - have had limited success. That screen gives Google Assistant another way to relay information to you, one that doesn't require you to be constantly barking commands. It's a welcome addition. Microsoft's latest update to the Surface Pro line features an eighth-generation Intel Core i5 in the base model (there's also a Core m3 version, but that just seems to be a rehash of last year's model, and is not even featured on Microsoft's own store).

"While you can use the Echo Show for a video conference you cannot use the home hub for that", he said. The thought process makes sense. In real time, the Pixel will transcribe the caller's response for you to see and choose what to do. The device, priced at US$149, won't be a video-chatting hub like Amazon's product and Facebook's new Portal speaker, unveiled Monday. No tiny piece of masking tape required. The camera also has a larger sensor for better low-light pics. It's one of the new breed of tall, narrow screens, so the phone doesn't feel quite as cumbersome as you might think, although you might want to budget for some jeans with deeper pockets. There is also Super Res Zoom which lets you zoom in on objects without losing details. Not to forget, the maximum onboard storage you get with these phones is "just" 128GB.

The Google Pixel Slate uses a brand new 12.3in "Molecular Display" display with 3000 x 2000 resolution and 400 nits of brightness.

AI can also require a lot of personal data. On Monday, the company admitted it had exposed data on half a million accounts - and didn't disclose it for months. It piggybacks on the Nest ecosystem to work with all Nest devices, as well as other smart-home products that are part of the "works with Nest" program. It will also be available on Google's Project Fi network. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google was aware of the issue since it was fixed in March, yet neglected to disclose the bug due to concerns over increased scrutiny.

The other major product announced was Google Home Hub, a device that's something of a hybrid between a smart speaker and a tablet, which is created to sit at the center of what Google repeatedly called "the thoughtful home" (it avoided use of the word "smart").

Compare it if you will to the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Pixel 3 has a smaller display in a body that's pretty much the same size - and it's more expensive too.

Second, Pixel users in the USA will be the first to get access to an experimental new Google Assistant feature, powered by Duplex technology, which helps you complete real-world tasks over the phone, like calling a restaurant to book a table. "It's mostly about convenience here".

Google Unveils the Pixel 3 and 3XL with New AI Camera Features