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YEP says: Mental Health Campaign is only just beginning

10 Octobre 2018

The work of 28 global experts as well as people who have experienced mental illness, the document calls for an end to human rights abuses such as shackling in their homes or institutions, torture and imprisonment against mental health patients - and makes special mention of the Life Esidimeni tragedy.

The Society has planned a walk commencing from the Piazza - where a number of groups will be raising awareness of mental health - down to No.6 Convent Place, where it will hand in a statement for the Chief Minister, with some suggestions for procuring better mental health provision in Gibraltar.

This year's Mental Health Awareness Week theme is "let nature in, strengthen your wellbeing - Mā te taiao kia whakapakari tōu oranga".

Mental Health Minister Roger Cook joined volunteers to distribute information packs at Elizabeth Quay Station this morning.

Those wanting to help raise awareness of mental health issues can choose to wear a green ribbon, seen as the global symbol for this movement.

Comprehensive behavioral assessments help psychologists to identify mental health disorders or some imbalance such as: sleep disorders, work life integration, burnout, and anxiety. For instance, some companies may provide group risk benefits to selected members of staff, and may believe the added-value benefits such as support for mental health can only be accessed by them, but this is not necessarily the case; often they can actually be accessed by all employees, and providers actively encourage proactive and regular use of the benefits.

Unaddressed mental health issues, the report assessed, cause long-lasting and preventable harm to people, communities and economies.

The survey provides further evidence of a growing crisis in children's mental health, Dr Antonis Kousoulis, Associate Director at the Mental Health Foundation said: "Nearly half a million children in the country have no one to speak to at school when they are experiencing feelings of sadness or worry".

The benefits of fresh air and exercise can not be overlooked. This conference will show where employers and employees can go to get advice and support.

A great way to do this is to hold outdoor team building events.

The signs of stress and depression in a young person aren't much different from those in an adult.

Among those offering their support are Dungannon Swifts Football Club, local schools, activity clubs, churches, businesses and shops.

"I had CBT while on Strictly because I had stage fright and it was the first time I thought about mental health and the fact that you can change the way you think and make yourself more comfortable by talking to someone".

"If one of the boys is struggling with something and they don't open up, and it gets worse and worse over time, then it can bring his game down a lot, and on the pitch you need everyone".

Additionally, problems of identity conflict, physical changes associated with puberty and perceived generation gap-related clashes with parents are some other factors that impact youngsters' mental health.

Addressing mental health is crucial for all organisations - particularly considering the prevalence of poor mental health within the workplace. That's why it's so important to talk about what's going on and seek support early.

YEP says: Mental Health Campaign is only just beginning