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The $3 Million Crowdfunding Effort To Unseat Sen. Collins In 2020

11 Octobre 2018

Sen. Susan Collins speaks on the Senate floor about her vote on Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kananaugh on Friday in the Capitol in Washington. Rice is not now a ME resident - she has family ties to the state - but would bring political celebrity that could make it hard for the state's shallow bench of lesser-known Democrats to stand out.

Collins added Kavanaugh and Ford appeared entirely certain of their telling of the events during the testimony, so she turned to the FBI's supplemental background investigation of Kavanaugh for corroborating evidence. The page was created before the moderate Republican from ME announced her decision on the Senate floor Friday.

On CNN Sunday, Collins granted that Rice's "family has a home in ME", but asserted that Rice doesn't live there.

Collins said today that crowdsourced funding targeting her was tantamount to "a bribe, or extortion". So it's not completely insane. "And this November election is a chance for Americans to reject the mob rule that you've seen over the last three weeks".

But Collins' decision to back Kavanaugh also has helped inspire liberal activists to donate their time as well as their campaign cash.

Collins' decision had been the hope of both parties. Some of her most famous gems include stating that America needs to stand with its North Korean allies and declaring that gun-free zones amount to "stupid on steroids".

The FBI interviewed nine people and reached out to ten, speaking to people including those identified by Christine Blasey Ford, who alleges Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her decades ago.

Since Collins' "yes" vote, the crowdpac campaign has already raised roughly $3.5 million to help fund Collin's opponent in 2020.

Within hours of the Friday morning vote, Flake went further, revealing he would vote for Kavanaugh's confirmation "unless something big" happens.

Grassley also tweaked Ingraham for impatience she expressed on Twitter during the debate over sexual assault allegations dating to Kavanaugh's teenage days.

Shortly before the vote, Trump said Kavanaugh "will be a great justice of the Supreme Court".

About that Collins said, "This outlandish allegation was put forth without any credible supporting evidence and simply parroted public statements of others". The idea was that if Collins voted no, then donations would not be withdrawn from donors.

"The idea of Susan Collins attacking an effort by 35,000 small dollar donors as bribery is politics at its worst".

Former President George H.W. Bush tweeted support for Collins from Kennebunkport, praising her before the final vote for "political courage and class".

Grassley said he saw Ford's hearing before the Judiciary Committee as a positive step for women's rights to report sexual misconduct by men.

"She has a right to be a Mainer as well", she said. "I'm going to give it due consideration after the midterms".

The $3 Million Crowdfunding Effort To Unseat Sen. Collins In 2020