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Google Assistant Gets New Updates, Including Activation From Your Lockscreen

12 Octobre 2018

Other smart displays are not capable of that, and it's all to do with the software platform.

The new feature makes Google's recently-announced £69 Pixel Stand more compelling: together with the phone, they'll make a decent stand-in for a smart display or Google Home.

There wasn't a demonstration of the function, however it should be accessed by using Google Assistant to initiate a call. Now it has started rolling out a revamped Google Home app for both iOS and Android users. C-Life bulbs have a single color setting, but you have total control over the brightness level. The virtual assistant will be able to respond to queries like "Hey Google, what's next on my calendar?" without unlocking your smartphone every time. But if you want more accurate answers to questions, or options for calling and texting are most important to you, get the Echo Show. But Alexa's market leadership in the United States has seen it adopted by a good many smart-home companies and recently audio companies too - it can be used to control HEOS devices from Denon and Marantz, for example, and recent Yamaha products too.

If you were on Twitter yesterday, you couldn't miss the buzz about the new Google Home Hub, which is Google's new be-all gadget that everyone can't stop talking about. It only picks up the best images for the Smart Display, leaving out other images like receipts, screenshots, duplicates, and blurry or sensitive photos. At launch, Google partnered with Lenovo and JBL to bring the Smart Display to market, opting not to build one of their own. It will also allow users to send quick responses.

We'll have a full review available once we get our hands on the Google Hub for ourselves, but if you're a big fan of Google's Assistant and its world of Chromecast-enabled devices, it's a no-brainer. And much like Android Pie, Smart Displays are getting their own version of Digital Wellbeing with Downtime that will limit when users can interact with the device.

Google Home Hub is equipped with far-field microphones, stereo speakers and a seven-inch LCD touch display. When Google created its smart display software, it also came up with a turnkey solution for OEMs.

Whereas Facebook Portal offers a video calling/chat capability as its major selling point, Google Home Hub, like Amazon Show, is positioned around the potential to stream video content and access visual apps. Where you'd expect to see a camera, you instead get an array of sensors that help the Home Hub constantly adjust the screen to feel natural in the room and light where it finds itself. For example you can set a phrase like "good night" to turn the lights off, switch the heating off and give you the weather forecast for tomorrow.

Google Assistant Gets New Updates, Including Activation From Your Lockscreen