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#OnTheBigScreen: Lady Gaga, a masked killer, and four single moms

12 Octobre 2018

It's evident that he put forth enormous effort and extensive training into becoming Jackson Maine, but it's Lady Gaga who's the "star". When Clint was 42 he made his directorial debut with Play Misty For Me, and here, at virtually the same age as his mentor, Cooper makes his debut.

But if Ally's journey to stardom resonates with Gaga, the pop star took a very different path in terms of attitude - and it's something the movie takes a pointed look at through the lens of fame. In Birdman, Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton) spends most of the film walking around in a stupor as characters remind him just how much the world around him has changed and how outdated his whole mode of thinking is. I suspected Cooper might be channeling Matthew McConaughey, and I wondered if Lady Gaga could deliver a believable, nuanced performance. Where Gaga falters as a thespian, Cooper excels in his direction of her. Cooper is one of the few capital-M Movie Stars we have left here in the ruins of the 21st century, and Gaga's secret weapon is the decade she spent in acting classes at the Lee Strasberg institute. Rafi Gavron in the role of Rez, who embodies the manager of Ally # 8217; is incredible too.

Hungry for a career that does her ten-mile-high voice the justice it deserves, Ally (played by a glittering Lady Gaga) finds herself in her supposed mid-thirties, living with her Hollywood-obsessed father and working a service job she's less than passionate about. Soothing duo Shallow, full of feelings Remember us this way to a heartbreaking finale with I will never like it again. It's not surprising that his instincts were right.

"The Barbara version was the one that turned a corner where the first two were about actresses going to the Oscars, and the next two are about singers going to the Grammy's in their films", notes Jay. We know someone's star will fade in a spectacular explosion; suspense comes from wondering how. "This is the third time I've had my heart broken like this". The best we can typically expect from inexperienced directors is that they just stay out of their own way, but Cooper has given us a movie that is beautifully directed yet never showy - and one that doesn't look like a movie we've seen a thousand times before. After all, what she's doing in her performances with the costumes and the dancers and all is pretty much what one figures Lady Gaga does in her own real-life stage act.

"Venom" and "A Star Is Born" helped push the year-to-date box office further above last year, now up 9.2 percent.

But of course, A Star Is Born is a tragedy. That also exceeded expectations that had the film bringing in around $30 million. Not only with the good storyline, but also how that story is shown through the artistic elements of writing and cinematography.

The management of Bradley Cooper # 8217; is surprisingly wonderful. I debated sending this piece to the opinion section, but after much thought, I realized that this is simply a fact.

Many spoilers ahead for A Star Is Born. Even as Ally's unfaltering love remains steadfast, it's lost on Jack. "He set the scene up, he knew exactly what he wanted". The story of the often-filmed bittersweet romance is familiar.

#OnTheBigScreen: Lady Gaga, a masked killer, and four single moms