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Take time to know your breasts during Breast Cancer Awareness month

12 Octobre 2018

When she saw an item with a pink ribbon logo at the grocery store, she bought it. If any form of this cancer should subsequently turn invasive, it can metastasize by spreading to the lymph nodes. Last year, Hungry Howie's Love, Hope & Pizza promotion crossed the $2 million mark in donations. She hasn't gone to an event since.

"They were shocked at how much it had spread within the two week scans, and for me, it was hard to watch her experience such a huge portion of her life", she said. "I can "fight like a girl" all I want, ... but I'll never stop treatment".

Some women worry that the radiation in mammograms may increase their risk for cancer.

Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Pvt Ltd (FGILI), in association with Momspresso unveiled the findings of a national survey which aims at understanding the awareness around breast cancer among Indian women. The disease killed approximately 40,290 women in 2015. Thousands of men are diagnosed with the disease in the USA every year.

Smith encourages women to get screened for breast cancer during October. This is largely attributed to early detection and medical treatments that allow people to live longer with the disease. These include lobular carcinoma of the breast, which is cancer growing within the lobules of the mammary glands.

"Those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer before are three to four times more likely to develop a new cancer in the other breast or somewhere else in the same breast", said Richard Budde, MD, radiologist, KentuckyOne Health Breast Care. Breast cancer can also occur in men, but it is not common. Wheeler and colleagues are now analyzing data about the counseling program Fray was part of, and she says she hopes that it will provide evidence that tailored therapy will help black women "articulate what their health goals are".

She strongly points out that early detection is vital and is the key component to overcoming the battle. "However with Tomo technology you are able to see through them if a questionable lump arises", says Roehr. Tara Morgan is a cancer survivor who was diagnosed earlier this year. Through the study we found out that the awareness around breast cancer treatments and costs is largely scattered.

"Breast cancer is increasing at an alarming rate in India". She never has become a regular member. It makes such a difference for me, when I make a woman who calls me up and cries when she first gets on, if I make her laugh at the end, then I did my job.

But black women more commonly reported not taking the medication as prescribed - skipping doses or taking breaks from the medication. Those topics aren't usually brought up at support group meetings, she said. So how do you get a screening mammogram? "To me, it felt very different".

"I just thought, 'we should get involved in this".

Chevrolet's continued support for breast cancer awareness is one of the major initiatives that underpins the brand's new community-focused marketing platform, Chevy Cares. It's evident in the smaller details. Many women find their own breast cancer by noticing changes in the look and feel of their breasts.

"Each year, around 55,000 women in the United Kingdom are diagnosed with breast cancer, and heartbreakingly, around 11,500 women lose their lives to the disease".

Take time to know your breasts during Breast Cancer Awareness month