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Another chance to talk about mental health

13 Octobre 2018

To raise global awareness of mental health issues and to stimulate advocacy, the World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October annually.

The mental health charity Mind also has an online tool if you feel like you need help now.

"We, at the Ministry of Health, therefore, continue to place attention on the holistic treatment of a patient and not just physical health conditions, but mental and spiritual health as well".

Everyone goes through phases of stress, anger and sadness, but the lack of discussion around mental health disorders and how people struggle with them makes it hard to recognise the signs that one needs help.

Peng had worked as a Chinese teacher for more than 10 years before devoting herself to mental health advocate and educator, providing information to reduce prejudice against mental health and reduce stigma among caregivers. We need to come together.

Today is a day like every other day where there are people around us suffering in silence.

He added: "Every suicide is a preventable death and we are determined to do everything we can to tackle the tragedy of suicide". The 46-page report outlines a plan of action to promote mental wellbeing, prevent mental ill health, and enable healing.

Theresa May has announced that Jackie Doyle-Price will become the UK's first minister for suicide prevention.

The Yorkshire Post says: Cry for help from young.

"For a long time that wasn't a thing that [the black community] talked about", he said.

They said that spending more time on mobile phones affects the health and hence, asked the youth to use phones when needed.

According to experts, compared with adults, young people have less favourable attitudes towards people with mental illness.

The Chamber of Commerce is keen to support, encourage and build opportunities for both current and future business people and that includes a more supportive environment for those with mental health concerns.

Also, children and adolescents with mental health disorders often faced stigma and limited access to healthcare and education, in violation of their human rights, he said.

"We've seen a rise in mental illness in young people when, with all the knowledge we have, we should be seeing a decrease", Professor Helen Herrman, President of the World Psychiatric Association said in the statement.

Theresa May named Jackie Doyle-Price to the newly created post as representatives of 50 countries gathered in London Wednesday for a mental health summit.

The survey of office workers taken by workplace consultant Peldon Rose shows that the almost three-quarters of workers who want their employers to champion mental health and well-being rated this as more important than equality (48 per cent), sustainability (38 per cent) and diversity (31 per cent).

Another chance to talk about mental health