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City hopes new signs will deter vandalism of Christopher Columbus statue

13 Octobre 2018

The mayor pointed out that Columbus Day is a federal holiday, and the city does not technically recognize it. As an Italian American it feels good that there is an official holiday that is nominally about us.

All PennDOT Driver License and Photo Centers will be closed statewide- including the center in Butler.

The largest USA city named after Christopher Columbus has decided against celebrating Columbus Day.

Columbus Day, which is being observed today, has proven to be one of the more controversial holidays in recent years. Cindi Byron-Dixon, one of the original members of the Indigenous Peoples Day Committee, said she and others from the committee worked for months to put together a resolution for City Council.

Dalton Davison, a senior computer information and technology major, said he thinks Columbus Day mostly serves as just another day off rather than a day for celebration.

The White House sent out a second proclamation Monday afternoon declaring Tuesday, Oct. 9 "Leif Erikson Day" but again making no mention of native Americans.

Los Angeles, whose earliest settlers belonged to the Gabrielino-Tongva peoples, is home to the largest indigenous population of any us city, according to the UCLA American Indian Studies Center. "We have 110,000 veterans and we thought it was important to celebrate them". Some cities have replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day.

Although Spain sponsored his voyage, Columbus was, in fact, a proud citizen of the Italian City of Genoa.

Project for New Mexico Graduates of Color hosts Indigenous Peoples' Day Read-In on from 11:30 1:30 the Student Union Building Atrium.

L.A. Times audience engagement editor Steve Saldivar posted photos on Twitter of the statue before and after an enclosure was constructed around it "on the eve of Indigenous Peoples Day".

While it is a federal holiday, it is not celebrated or recognized in some states.

Alaska just made the switch to Indigenous Peoples' Day past year, and cities like Los Angeles, Seattle and Ithaca, New York, have done the same.

"We have been commemorating here on Alcatraz Island where it all started since 1979, the day of Indigenous Peoples, to counter the myth and the lies and history that are presented by the commemoration and dedication of a national holiday to a colonial pirate that brought genocide to this continent", Carmen said.

An organizer of the local Italian-American Festival says it's an obvious attempt to be politically correct, and a missed opportunity.

Thirty years ago, Santa Fe artist Charlene Teters was recruited to the University of IL with two other Native American students to fulfill her dream of earning a master of fine arts degree.

City hopes new signs will deter vandalism of Christopher Columbus statue