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Searchers find bodies in hurricane-stricken town

13 Octobre 2018

The authorities in Virginia said five people had died, including several who had drowned and a firefighter who was responding to an emergency call. But authorities scrapped plans to set up a temporary morgue, suggesting they had yet to see mass casualties.

On the left, as we walk, there's a mattress slumped at the roadside, on the right a Dean Noontz novel lies in the dirt.

Brad Rippey, a meteorologist for the United States agriculture department, said Michael severely damaged cotton, timber, pecan and peanut crops, causing estimated liabilities as high as $1.9bn and affecting up to 3.7m crop acres (1.5m hectares). "That's actually some great news". "We just hope that it will be significant enough to make a real difference". "I met one woman who had this handsome little home on this great piece of land that she called her "little piece of perfect" and now she can't even go into her home because the mould's so bad", she explained.

"I heard a lot of really incredible stories from people".

"I will not recall you and your families until we can guarantee your safety". Don't put it inside your house. Numerous most heavily-hit areas have not yet been reached, as flooding, downed power lines, trees and other debris blocking roadways are prohibiting crews' access.

Food and water distribution intensified on Friday, as pallets of provisions made their way to the coast on the roads that have been cleared of debris.

He says officials don't yet have a count of the dead and are working to ID them.

There are no longer any "widespread" fuel outages, according to Scott.

Residents and rescue workers in Florida and other southeastern USA states were in the midst of recovering Friday from the devastation inflicted by Hurricane Michael, the remnants of which have moved out into the Atlantic Ocean. Images shared on social media show that entire blocks of homes were destroyed in areas of Florida hit hardest by the storm, such as Mexico Beach.

"We feel positive that they believe there are many good ideas in our proposal", Cooper said. "These numbers are probably not going to go down very quickly at this point".

The Cooter Stew Cafe starts taking water in the town of Saint Marks as Hurricane Michael pushes the storm surge up the Wakulla and Saint Marks Rivers which come together here on October 10, 2018 in Saint Marks, Florida.

Scott, who expressed frustration about people dismissing evacuation orders on Tuesday as Michael rapidly grew into a Category 4 storm, told evacuees not to return home as roads remain closed by flooding, downed trees and power lines.

Linda Burton returned to Parker, a town of about 4,300 northwest of Mexico Beach, from a storm haven in Alabama to find her motor home destroyed by falling trees.

"It's nothing compared to what other people experienced and so we are not complaining here".

In Chattahoochee, Fla., a hospital with a section for the criminally insane was cut off by land and without phone service. Hundreds of cars had broken windows.

Searchers find bodies in hurricane-stricken town