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Video Shows Hurricane Michael Ripping Apart Buildings in Florida

13 Octobre 2018

With winds surging to 155 miles per hour (250 kph), Michael wreaked havoc on the Florida Panhandle, leaving a devastating trail of destruction along the Gulf coast before it was downgraded to a tropical storm in the evening as it moved further inland. "From satellite and radar monitoring, to computer models of track and intensity, and to dissemination of warnings by the NWS, private forecasters, the media, and local and national emergency managers, many lives were saved". "So many families have lost everything", he said. The majority of the calls were related to the heavy rains and strong winds originated in the State Police Salem, Appomattox, Richmond and Chesapeake divisions.

The small beachside town of 1,200 people seems to have been nearly completely flattened by the huge force of the storm which battered the town with winds of over 155mph and powerful storm surges.

The death toll attributed to Hurricane Michael grew Friday to at least 13 people across four states, as officials ramped up recovery operations.

"We just need people to be patient", Castor said.

Which areas are worst affected?

Melendez captured the footage during a Facebook Live video, soon after Category 4 Hurricane Michael - packing 155 miles per hour winds - became the third-strongest cyclone to make landfall in USA history.

About 32km south of Mexico Beach, floodwaters were more than 2.1 metres deep near Apalachicola, a town of about 2,300 residents, hurricane centre chief Ken Graham said.

Many houses in Mexico Beach were reduced to naked concrete foundations or piles of rubble.

The storm mangled buildings, toppled trees and covered roads in water.

Apalachicola, with 2,300 residents, was also badly affected, the mayor reporting that downed cables were making it hard to get through the town.

"We've got to figure something out".

Governor Scott urged residents not to return until the authorities "make sure things are safe", given the danger from power lines and other debris.

"We were going to establish a mortuary location".

When Boutwell returned to his own house, he discovered furniture in his house that wasn't his.

Decambre said she had opened her home to a friend who takes care of three elderly women. This was her dream retirement place she tells me - the last four years spent doing it up.

"It was just a freak accident, I never heard of anything like that", her father, Roy Radney said.

A Google Earth image before Hurricane Michael hit shows Cape San Blas Road and powdery beaches that draw tourists looking for low-key vacations.

In North Carolina, residents are facing a vast number of individual, small outages, which Duke Energy Spokesperson Jeff Brooks described as "death by a thousand cuts".

Florida will give each of the impacted county 200 generators, so they can power their traffic lights, Scott said.

11-year-old Sarah Radney, identified by a coroner Thursday, was killed when a portable carport fell on her home in Seminole County, which is in the extreme southwest corner of Georgia.

More than a million people are without electricity, and areas along the Gulf Coast and elsewhere report severe outages of cellphone service and other communications.

Almost 950,000 homes and businesses were without power in Florida, Alabama, the Carolinas and Georgia on yesterday.

What is the storm doing now?

Yet, parts of Virginia are still seeing risky wind gusts, the National Hurricane Center said. It pushed a wall of seawater inland, causing widespread flooding. Both states are still recovering from major flooding following Hurricane Florence less than a month ago. "That is some good news, but for those half-million people that don't have power, we understand the frustration and we're doing everything we can".

Video Shows Hurricane Michael Ripping Apart Buildings in Florida