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Florida officials fear Michael's death toll will rise

14 Octobre 2018

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The storm roared ashore as a Category 4 storm, becoming the most powerful hurricane to hit the continental over 50 years, and by early Friday it wasn't over yet: a tropical storm long after Wednesday's landfall, Michael stubbornly kept up its punch while barreling up the Southeast, dumping heavy rains and spreading flash flooding as far away as Virginia. No cell phone, no power, no nothing.

Hundreds of people have been rescued from the debris, and authorities fear the toll could climb higher as search-and-rescue efforts continue.

"This (storm) hit so hard and so fast that the different aspects of human nature is going to come out, and people are going to do anything to survive", Panama City resident Christopher Donahue told CNN affiliate WEAR-TV.

As of Saturday morning, there were more than 175,000 outages throughout Virginia. This ministry can serve up to 18,000 meals a day to victims, volunteers, and first responders. They are cutting holes in roofs. "We will work diligently to ensure Telemundo and its audience are represented in the two scheduled debates and other possible forums". Several roads west had reopened before the weekend, including Interstate 10 and Highway 90, and state emergency officials said they expected Highway 20 would also reopen soon as conditions around it receded to minor flooding. Three people died in North Carolina, all due to falling trees, and a young girl was killed in Georgia when debris was blown through the roof of her grandparents' home.

In Callaway, Florida, an especially hard-hit town, Catholic Christians barbecued hamburgers on Saturday and Scientologists handed out water.

She said local television stations were knocked off the air for two days, and authorities were relying on the Gulf State College radio station to transmit public service bulletins.

Large areas of the coast of the Panhandle, including Mexico Beach and Panama City, were left in ruins. The rented home he lived in with his girlfriend and son was wrecked, as were their possessions.

"Those hospitals, the ones that my kids were born in and the ones that I was born in are closed", he said. Michael's outer bands still could drop up to 3 inches of rain from New Jersey to Long Island to Cape Cod, and up to 5 inches over the MA islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard through Friday afternoon, forecasters said.

Residents look down their street which is blocked off by debris from Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, Fla., Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018.

"The next time that there's any kind of a hurricane or act of God or nature trust the weatherman and get out" Sauer said.

More than 1,700 search and rescue workers were deployed, including seven swift-water rescue teams and almost 300 ambulances, Florida Governor Rick Scott's office said. Residents still unaccounted for could be trapped in isolated areas and crews need to go door-to-door because there is no power and cellphone service is spotty.

In the coastal community of Panacea, 60 miles (96 km) east of where Michael made landfall, Jasmine McMillan, 42, contemplated the damage at the commercial campground her family owns on Ochlockonee Bay. "You know, people don't sit and have a whole bunch of extra money in the bank just waiting for a disaster". "The dog was right here and she would not leave my side and she would not move. Even though that home is not there".

Florida officials fear Michael's death toll will rise