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Samsung is already trolling the Pixel 3 XL's ugly notch

14 Octobre 2018

Google unveiled its Home Hub alongside the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL earlier this week and placed significant emphasis on the ability to use it as a smart photo frame. But no new phone is complete without a brand new protective case (especially if this new phone costs $899). If you consume much video content on your phone, Pixel 3 XL should be your choice.

As expected the Pixel 3 doesn't sport a headphone jack and you need to rely on USB-C for your music and charging needs.

Of course, this isn't a thorough comparison and we still have no idea how Google's new Pixel 3 camera will match up with the iPhone XS overall.

Eschewing bulkier hard-plastic backs, the Liquid Crystal's flexible TPU is easy to apply and easier to grip. So if you want a 2018 Pie phone right now, you'd better forget all about Infinity Displays and embrace the huge bezels on the Pixel 3 phones, notch included. This year the screen is bigger, better, and the phone is water-resistant.

Among other things, Pixel 3 can answer phone calls on its own, inquire about the nature of the call, and inform the user through text (this feature will be available initially only on devices that will be released in the US). The phone also comes with a QualComm Snapdragon 845 GPU Adreno 630.

The iPhone XR is slightly cheaper than the Pixel 3: it starts at $US749, while the Pixel 3 starts at $US799.

As well as the standard 5.5in Pixel 3, there's the 6.2in Pixel 3 XL, which pays for its larger, sharper screen (523 pixels per inch compared to 443ppi) with a rather chunky notch cut-out at the top.

Both phones have advanced selfie cameras, too.

. However, contrary to a popular trend where two, three, four or even five lenses are fast becoming the norm, the Pixel 3 XL comes with a single lens rear camera of 12-megapixel resolution. In this article, I will explain all the differences in Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL to give you an idea of what phone is suitable for you. Its important camera features are digital zoom and auto flash as well as face detection and touch to focus. Since rear-facing cameras are typically used to shoot subjects that are much further away, this is less of an issue. Still, it makes us wonder just how good a dual lens system on this phone could have been.

The iPhone XS starts at $999, or monthly payments of $49.91.

Pixel Stand can identify your Pixel 3 though a unique wireless charging handshake.

Unlocked the Google Pixel 3 will cost £739 (64GB) and £839 (128GB).

Samsung is already trolling the Pixel 3 XL's ugly notch