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It's legal. In Canada, recreational marijuana gets green light

17 Octobre 2018

The Canadian government is ready to pardon those with a cannabis possession record of 30 grams or less as the country becomes the world's second and largest country with a legal national marijuana marketplace.

The only place to buy legal marijuana in Ontario is online at the Ontario Cannabis Store, which officially opened for sales at 12:01 a.m. on October 17.

Canada became the first G7 country to legalize marijuana sales nationwide on Wednesday.

Canada's federal government, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, spent about two years planning for legalization, fueled by a desire to bring dealers like Clarke out of the black market and into a regulated system.

Weed enthusiasts in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada's easternmost province, kicked off the first permissible sales at midnight.

Besides the economic boost and becoming even more appealing to American's south of the Canadian border, Canada's new drug laws will make Don Cherry's suits an even more surreal experience for Hockey Night in Canada viewers.

Separately, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale on Wednesday said the government would waive the fee and waiting period when people who have been convicted of possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana apply for pardons, after they've served their sentences. While these regions are clearly taking full advantage of the Cannabis Law, residents of Ontario, including Toronto, will have to wait until Spring 2019 for stores to open. "We're doing it because we know it's not good for our children", Mr Trudeau said. The vast majority of drug cases are handled by federal prosecutors, who could decide, in the public interest, not to prosecute, they said.

"They're going to be out of stock first day", said Elliott.

Eight US states (Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada and California) have also legalized recreational and medicinal marijuana. A household can also grow only four plants and anything over the limit could attract hefty penalty.

"The last time Canada was this far ahead in anything, Alexander Graham Bell made a phone call", said Linton, whose company recently received an investment of $4 billion from Constellation Brands, whose holdings include Corona beer and Robert Mondavi wines.

While not technically legal in the past, ordering marijuana online has been in existence for some time and was used largely by people with medical marijuana licenses.

The ins and outs of legal cannabis vary by province, with each legislature setting its own rules for where weed can be sold and consumed, the price and type of cannabis products that will be available, and minimum age requirements.

While Canada's marijuana legalization is a massive opportunity for investors and cannabis companies, the true value, according to some, is in the pressure it puts on the United States to reform marijuana laws. "I feel like I won", she says of the major policy shift.

It's legal. In Canada, recreational marijuana gets green light