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This is how The Connors killed off Roseanne in their new show

17 Octobre 2018

The success was soon derailed when, just one week following that season's finale, the show was cancelled by parent company ABC, following a backlash to Roseanne Barr's tweets about a former aide to Barack Obama, which they described as "abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values".

Her husband Dan (Goodman) says he had flushed the remaining pills from her knee surgery down the toilet, but then daughter Becky (Goranson) says she found pills in her mother's closet, and that they weren't prescribed for her.

"After much discussion by all parties, it was decided that we would have to make her departure clearly permanent", he continued.

Of course, the main questions surrounding The Conners isn't what's in them, but rather, what's missing from them. Roseanne Conner is dead and Roseanne Barr is dead to me, but at least this show seems to be able to capture what made both versions of Roseanne such endearing figures - even if the woman behind them no longer can.

Dan, working through the terrible news, tells her: 'It doesn't make any sense, I got her knees fixed, I flushed all her pills'. "I think people will be talking about this.This was an honest and authentic way of dealing with Roseanne Conner".

"They could've suspended her from the first few episodes without pay and had her return later on in the season", another source told the Daily Mail.

"I went to bed and I woke up at 2:11 [a.m.] and tweeted that tweet and went back to sleep", she said. Numerous show's cast, writers, and crew members voiced their outrage to the media and online.

When it comes to the latter, that faith is mostly well-founded. Goodman, arguably our most consistent character actor of the last several decades, has no such problem. "(But) if we didn't feel we could deliver really strong, amusing episodes, then nobody would have returned".

But this show is essentially still Roseanne, despite the title change and jettisoning of its namesake, and it can largely thank the 10 previous seasons of the original for being able to pull off this unlikely feat.

"What ended up happening is we wanted to make a really honest episode, and channel whatever we were feeling into the episode", Gilbert explained.

The Vice News profile shows Barr at home in Los Angeles, tearing up watching a Donald Trump campaign rally from early October, in which the president calls out ABC for firing her (she's previously claimed she was sacked for supporting the commander-in-chief), as well as showing off her impressive collection of awards.

You hear jokes like that all over the half hour.

He won't predict how the new show will fare.

The disgraced comedienne took to Twitter after the premiere of the Roseanne spin-offTuesday night revealed that Barr's character had died of an opioid overdose. By the end of the episode, as Dan takes the seat at the head of the table where Roseanne once sat in the iconic opening credits of her show, the world of Lanford feels different... but also OK.

That smoothness does, however, signify the lack of an edge, the same which Roseanne brought to it even before her rightwing conversion and public disgrace.

See clips from tonight's The Conners before the premiere over at ABC.

This is how The Connors killed off Roseanne in their new show