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Adobe Premiere Rush video editor rolls out, Android to follow

18 Octobre 2018

You may have seen that Adobe's large number of declarations at its MAX gathering made a reference to Photoshop CC for iPad. It has the same performance on mobile as on the desktop version.

Photoshop CC for iPad will feature a revamped interface designed specifically for a touch experience, but it will bring the power and functionality people are accustomed to on the desktop.

I've told this story before, but it bears repeating: When I started using an iPad Pro as my primary work computer in 2015, a colleague in our art department admired it and asked if it could run Photoshop. With new iPad Pro models expected to be announced in the coming weeks, and a reported focus on significant iPad features coming in iOS 13, there's no time like the present for the full power of Photoshop to make its way to Apple's tablet. With Photoshop CC, Adobe has stepped up its multi-device strategy to capture creative professionals and hobbyists who enjoy working on touchscreens.

Lightroom Classic CC: Faster and more reliable services for Canon cameras and an optimized single step HDR panorama merge option.

Adobe also announced a 2019 iPad Pro app that looks to make just as large an impact: Project Gemini. The new Photoshop version will also be compatible with Apple Pencil, which means editing or creating new files is going to be a breeze. The interface is somewhat simpler than the desktop version, and although the same Photoshop code is running under the hood to ensure there's no loss of fidelity, not every feature will be available in the mobile version.

Photoshop CC for iPad is neither of those.

The full suite will be available in 2019, though there's no firm release date just yet.

The new Adobe app will enable the necessary operations to create quality content from a mobile device.

As for the pricing, Premiere Rush CC is available for $9.99/month to individuals, $19.99/month to teams, and $29.99/month to enterprise customers.

Adobe is also presenting a production version of its new augmented reality program, called Project Aero.

Coming with all Creative Cloud subscriptions as of today, Adobe Fonts is a streamlined service that gives you the complete Typekit font library, with a Basic collection of fonts free for those with an Adobe ID.

Adobe Premiere Rush video editor rolls out, Android to follow