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Canada legalises cannabis for recreational use

18 Octobre 2018

In America, states with legalized cannabis have a minimum age of 21, while Canada's federal minimum age will vary depending on location.

Eight US states (Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada and California) have also legalized recreational and medicinal marijuana.

"The hype around the stocks is moving from the Canadian LPs (licensed producers) to more the US -type companies", he said.

"Now that the laws on cannabis have changed, individuals who previously acquired criminal records for simple possession of cannabis should be allowed to shed the stigma and the burden of that record". While recreational weed is legal in eight states, including Washington and ME, which border Canada, people can not travel to and from such states with marijuana because customs and immigration are under federal jurisdiction.

-Travelers can not transport marijuana in or out of Canada.

Victoria's Ted Smith, a familiar face in the local marijuana scene, went further in his criticism of the new laws - saying Canada has actually taken a step backward.

The Cannabis Act was passed by the House of Commons in late 2017 and on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 the Senate approved Bill C-45, establishing the new legal regime, after seven months of intensive study and debate.

Canada became the first industrialised nation to legalize recreational cannabis on Wednesday, but a lawful buzz will be hard to come by in its biggest cities like Toronto and Vancouver, which will have no stores open.

Hundreds of licensed growers have sprouted in anticipation of the end of pot prohibition, attracting major investment.

There's also the issue of economic competition between cannabis businesses in bordering states and provinces.

"I think more on a short-term basis we should have some cash to make sure we can allocate on a pullback", Taylor said. That means Americans are barred from carrying cannabis across the Canadian border.

"It's Canada Went to Pot Day", she declared.

"We're the forerunners of a cannabis store that's run and looked after by the province of British Columbia, to set an example of how cannabis can be fit in to our society", Jones says.

Canada has invested C$274 million to enforce new laws and some provinces have allocated their own funding, but Palmer said police will not crack down on illegal stores right away.

"This is disgusting, and more and more of this, over again, from people who haven't bothered to do 20 honest hours of research", he said. "So talk about the good and the bad and encourage the children to find out as much as they can". "While the change in legal status of cannabis in some areas of the world may be one of many factors addressed during deliberations, legal status is not one of the criteria to be fulfilled for inclusion of a substance in the list". "For the federal government to continue to deny this is foolish".

"I'm going to get some marijuana and I've been waiting 50 years for this", said Hubert Bergeron as he stood in line outside a retail cannabis store in Transcona operated by Tweed.

"The U.S. and other countries grappling with the complexities of such a significant policy shift will have an excellent opportunity to learn from the Canadian experience".

This has created a patchwork of legislation across the country as jurisdictions choose more or less restrictive frameworks for selling and using cannabis.

Canada legalises cannabis for recreational use